Why do people call Trish overrated when Lita when overrated also (sorry if it’s long)?

It’s not about the amount of titles you win. A lot of people consider Trish to be the most overrated female wrestler. Are you guys forgetting about Moolah? She booked herself to win matches and held the title for over 27 years!! A lot of people say that Moolah can back it up because of

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20,000 Americans die and 1.5million families will go bankrupt this year due to cost Health Care. OK with that?

Is America all about me and mine? I think Americans hate each other and have forgotton Christian values, they worship the almighty dollar (in their pocket) more than building a better America. Blame the illegals, welfare, lazy, unemployed, mental, vets, single mothers, elderly for ruining America….. Question: Who deserves to be helped?