whats different between protestants and catholics?

i feel like pople whos protestant in england dont like catholics whys that? for example bbc when they find somewhere gay pastor they are talking about it like mighty god this catholics are reallly bad. from history i know that england was catholic before and cos catholic church doesnt allowed to have more then one

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Why do racist white trolls get so many thumbs up in culture appraising questions about blacks?

• http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index:… For example in the question this troll says black women are pathetic and are equivalent of shoes and singer Beyonce is only beautiful because she’s light-skinned, wow what the ****, and he gets five thumbs up when ever a person on her asks culture appraising question about blacks some narrow minded white troll

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Why doesn’t Saudi Arabia have Religious Freedom?

”In Saudi Arabia, it still is possible to be executed for witchcraft and flogged for being alone with an unrelated person of the opposite sex. It is illegal for a Saudi citizen to practice a religion other than Islam. According to a 2006 report by the Center for Religious Freedom, Saudi school textbooks continue to

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Is creationism necessary to keep religion alive?

Although I am horrified that almost HALF of America refuses to accept evolution as fact in favor of their creation myths, I also understand fully that if you DON’T take Genesis literally, it can become very difficult to accept the rest of the bible (or the qu’ran)…especially Jesus dying for our original sin. I think

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Obama said in an interview today that gays should go ahead and get married. Does this not go against God?

And what will happen to the United States, which was built on Christianity, and how will Obama’s support for same sex marriage affect the blessing of the country, and for him to be re-elected as President in the near future? Should Christians be worried about Obama’s recent view on same sex marriage?