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I went to see my husband in jail today! We have been off and on. Please Please tell me what you think?

So, My husand is in jail. We got into an argument the other night on the phone. He called and said he was done, did not want to be with me anymore and wanted a divorce. So I cried…and cried and cried….Then I disconnected the phone and threw my wedding rings away and called attorney’s…Days

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Tell me if you own an Big Three american model car or a Foreign Import and why you choose that one?

Big Threes ( GM, Ford, Daimlser Chrysler) are losing market share fast , as foreign cars, japanese, korean, german brand are taking over the north american consumer choice of preference. Could you explain in your personal experience why US automakers are losing grounds over foreign auto companies. let face it, all americans love Made in

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Why do Conservatives wonder why Blacks vote Democrat?

Blacks joining something that is destructive to their demographic is not new. Blacks willingly become Christians or Muslims in which both religions considered them subhumans and justified slavery, rape, torture or murder against Blacks. Many if not the majority of Christians and Muslims still look down on all Blacks. Black Christians/Muslims shouldn’t even exist. Since

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