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How would the media treat a Republican presidential candidate if they had as many radical friends as Obama?

If it were uncovered that Romney or Santorum sat in a hate church with a racist pastor like Jeremiah Wright? If Romney or Santorum were close friends with unrepentant terrorists like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn? If they embraced racist professors like Bell? If they befriended and praised anti-semites like Rashid Khalidi?

Do you think Britain Owes its very exsistence to America after WW2?

I do based on these facts: 1. After the Battle for Britian, the German air force countinued its arieal blitz on London and Britian’s infustructure. (Like factories and other important buildings.) After these bobings Britian’s military was running out of supplies and Churchill was begging for FDR’s help. 2. Some say the UK could’ve won,

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Did anyone get their Yahoo Answers account suspended?

I got my account suspended because apparently one of my answers was against Yahoo rules… This is quite annoying. But is this quite common? It looks like it’s very easy for them to suspend you.. I think I’m not going to be bothered to come on this website anymore since they suspended my account like

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