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I have been divorced for 3 months now and his family has gone around spreading nasty rumors about me to church

members and just anyone they can tell. They have told people that the reason my ex husband left was because he caught me with someone else (which is completely false) , and now I am receiving nasty anonymous messages. I have done nothing but take care of my three kids and moveon with my life,

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DAVID BEN GURION PORTRAIT – Need insight and details?

I am currently painting a significant historical portrait of David Ben Gurion, first prime minister of the state of Israel after the Balfour declaration. I have added very many components to the large wooden canvas, including stamps, coinage, military patches and printed matter…. ONLY ONE PROBLEM… I cannot seem to find any close ups on

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So when are we going to pursue that two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine situation, it’s been long…?

enough! I’d like to note that my father is a Russian Jew, and I have nothing against the Jewish people (except circumcision which I find disgusting). And as much as I’d love for the Jewish people to have a home, well… This isn’t the right way! The Palestinians lived on those lands for thousands of

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