Why do people associate all the negative stereotypes of black Americans to all blacks?

For example crime. Statistics don’t lie. I’m not going to sit here and act like I know why the pattern continues, however I hate when people say that’s all blacks know. Seriously?

As poor as some countries are in Africa, it’s not the people committing crimes…. It’s the government in which the people suffer from. Tell me when was the last time you’ve seen on the news of an African immigrant or first generation African american committing a crime?

Are you seriously going to define all blacks by 13%? It’s not even 13% because not all blacks behave this way. When slavery ended, they sent blacks out, uneducated to roam the streets. The ones that couldn’t get a job started to steal. etc etc. Who do we truly blame?

Why do people associate all the negative stereotypes of black Americans to all blacks?
People have been brainwashed by the media to associate black people with crime and instead of doing their own research they just accept it as truth.

For example crime. Statistics don’t lie. I’m not going to sit here and act like I know why the pattern continues, however I hate when people say that’s all blacks know. Seriously?
Again, a lot of people are brainwashed into thinking that way. Even though stats don’t lie they don’t tell the whole story either: furthermore there are some people who will try to manipulate those stats to their own benefit. For example: Someone says blacks commit a lot of crimes and you point out that whites commit 70% of the crimes in America. They will turn around and say that per capita or percentage wise, blacks commit more, trying to make whites look better. However what they fail to take into account is that we make up a smaller portion of the population so it’s much easier to elevate our crime stats. Say you have a pizza cut into 12 slices. 3 slices represent blacks, 9 whites. You eat 1 slice of each and that represents crime. The black slice represents 33% of blacks while the white slice only represents 11% of whites, even though you only ate 1 slice of each. So looking at those stats we’re 3 times more likely to commit a crime and per capita 3 times as many blacks commit crimes. So we must be very careful when reading stats and do our own research because racists will try to trick you into believing false truths.

What we’re seeing right now is a result of businesses pulling out of the inner cities and taking good paying jobs with them and the CIA dumping drugs into our communities. Prior to 1980 the black community had problems but nowhere near what we’re experiencing today. Due to racism, we’ve always had higher unemployment numbers and were paid less than whites. But black men still believed in working hard, getting married, and providing for their children. Reagan came in and started his war on drugs (black people) and all that changed. When gangsta (c)rap came out in the late ’80’s we were brainwashed into thinking this is how things are supposed to be. We’re supposed to be gangstas, thugs, b*tches, and h*es. Not all of us, mind you, but enough. As we can see that three pronged attack (loss of jobs, drugs, and music) have left our communities devastated.

Now we know better, now we know the truth. So now we must take responsibility for our actions, and take back our neighborhoods from the thugs. We have to pool resources together and rebuild our communities and create businesses in our own backyards. We’ve done it before: look at Rosewood from 1910-1920, Harlem from 1920-1930, Black wall street from 1920-1960, and Detroit from 1950-1980, we can do it again.

We need to get back to our roots, when we considered each other brothers and sisters, instead of n*ggas and h*es. Everyone else comes to this country, work with each other, and they succeed. They build businesses, give each other low interest rate loans, provide low cost housing, and they work hard and pull themselves up. We used to do that and if we’re going to survive, we need to do it again.

You’ve made an interesting observation, and I’ve noticed that African Blacks &amp: European Blacks act differently from American Blacks. ( I am not black, this is just an observation. ) This is not to stereotype American Blacks as evil, simply stating that some of my friends are African-Americans, …. Every local has its different moralities, culture, tensions, etc. From Jamaica you get you get reggae music. From America you get Louis Farrakhan, hip hop, and ebonics, . From Mexico &amp: Cuba you get blacks that act Hispanic and speak Spanish. They are certainly different from American blacks. Okay, I don’t know what blacks are like in Europe, England, Africa, …. since I’ve never been there. I’m not sure exactly what you mean by dressing &quot:ghetto&quot: since there are some cities here where everyone dresses &quot:ghetto&quot:, including whites, blacks, &amp: hispanics. Everyone is dressing ghetto now, even Eminem, except for Vanilla Ice, I think that his style of dress was considered &quot:classic&quot:. But please don’t insult the Kool-Aid, and fried chicken,… I need some of that.

I’ve always believed in black empowerment. The thing is, your neighbor, your brother, or your sister might envy you when you’re doing well instead of saying, &quot:wow i can do that&quot:. This is what I hate about our culture.

You seriously cannot continue to blame those pink monkeys for slavery. The best way to get that back is by showing them. &quot:Hey look at me, i’m successful and my ancestors were slaves. I did not allow this to stop me!&quot:

Too many people are raised by tv. I find it funny when people first try to learn how to use a firearm and then realize it is not like the video games or movies. Suddenly their arms are aching from ridiculous movie style shooting.

Don’t start.They’ll come in here saying your blaming it on &quot:whitey&quot:.

It doesn’t matter.If all blacks stopped committing crimes,dressed appropriately,got off welfare(even though there are more whites on welfare)&quot:,they’ll find some other reason to hate and ridicule.,


How about we stop dividing ourselves and realize that we’re all humans and make mistakes? I could easily go into detail about the negative statistics of all groups, but I refuse to do that, and I could easily tell people to stop comparing African American blacks to to African blacks due to their problems in their continent or countries, but how will that solve anything? If anything it makes blacks in general look stupid. We can’t blame the white man for brainwashing us anymore when you already have Africans thinking that they’re better than African Americans. We’re a divided people and it’s sad.

Exactly. What a black person does in Iowa may not happen in Zimbabwe.

The reason for these Stereotypes is Hollywood. They create them and never stop using them. Hollywood movies are watched by the ENTIRE world……

Because they are too simple minded to think outside of the box.

They have to act like millions of people have the same personality, in order to make things simpler for their simple mind.

People on Y!A LOVE to generalize, especially if it’s a group that doesn’t include them (if it’s negative) and sometimes if it does (if it’s positive).

ignorance is really the only answer.

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