True of False: Barack Obama cares about Black People?

Questions like this are the ones that degrade Obama’s image. He cares about his country and all his people, actually he cares for more than that, he cares no only for his country as he cares about the rest of the world. Like no other american president did before. So… instead of questioning things like that we should ask what are we doing to help him to help us.


a million. if people think of obama is potentialy risky by way of fact he may be muslim and therefor people shouldn’t vote for him, then people ought to be truthful and admit there’s a issue with the muslims in this international and we do have a faith conflict. so yet another marketing campaign ought to be began. if no longer, choose him as a potential chief. is he sturdy? uncertain, i examine all his classes, particularly for the middle east, and it incredibly is actual infantile and inocent. 2. the issue isn’t obama, it extremely is the present corrupted administration (that make us choose a transformation) this adminitration has completed no longer something execpt the conflict corporation. they did no longer do something for the financial device or the citizen (the different, each and every thing is going undesirable). besides, issues are undesirable, people don’t be responsive to who to elect, it variety of feels &quot:comparable crap, distinctive faces&quot: i might choose to VOTE for somebody who promotes those values: * stop attempting to make money on each and every thing * stop being robots and do shrink corners (no longer this &quot:I extremely have a job to realize this i’m doing it&quot:, * use your innovations and judgement, and have critiques * not extra speedy information (all international TVs provide deep analysis, in undemanding terms in the U. S. we’ve the: &quot:come back in 2 minutes we assist you to be responsive to appropriate to the conflict, perfect after this commercial&quot:). * not extra sugar is undesirable for you, salt is undesirable for you, etc, so people get scared. * nationalize clinical coverage companies, water, electric powered, etc . – no person ought to make money on your wellness. nor on your eating water or choose for electrical energy. * alter medical doctors and legal experts, they won’t be able to use their information for making extensive income. mounted low-priced please. regardless of each and every thing they chosen their occupation by way of fact they had to help people, no? to no longer rip them off. unfortunatly, will people awaken sooner or later?

With a 96% solid voting support…… WHY would he care?

Like the Democrats in general… HE KNOWS he has your vote. What you say and what you think is IRRELEVANT to them… and has been for DECADES.

Before you &quot:thumbs down&quot: me… do a Google search on why Kwesi M’Fume was fired from the NAACP. He said the EXACT same thing.

&quot:UNTIL the Democrats BELIEVE that your vote is &quot:in play&quot:… blacks will never have a real say in politics.&quot:

Black people don’t care about black people.

Only black Muslims

Who knows. He does not seem to care however, for the group of Americans that made this country great.

Thats about all he cares about


Did you hear that he is about to tax aspirin?
Why you ask? Because it is white and works.

We all know George Bush didnt.

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