Spiritually How do u deal with the negativity around you ….?

Dear Aum

There is always learning in negativity, thats the thing to remember. Its not what the other person, or people could learn… but what will I learn from this. Its so easy to get caught up in others negativity, to get dragged down by not accepting what is, by wanting things to be different… but in every moment of pain, turbulence or conflict, there will be lessons of nourishment, depth &amp: growth. Ive always said, we learn our most profound lessons through pain, remember?

Much love


my positive vibes will not allow the negativity to reach me…rather it will be destroyed

I counter it by positive thinking.

I have to find my happy comfy zone

see every thing as positive…world is positive

I’m to busy hunting.

by ignoring it and not letting it change me

i wish i could pretend that it does not exist

by surrendering myself to Krishna!

I leave.

lol. &quot:Humor&quot:! (That is when I turn into a Pirate!! AAARRRRR!!!! SAVVY??) 🙂

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