Name 5 kids with these names?

Child 1, Boy:
First name — Lucas, David, Andrew, Tyler, Peter.
Middle name — Jackson, Matthew, Benjamin, Alexander.

Child 2, Girl:
First name — Abigail, Rebecca, Madison, Samantha.
Middle name — Skye, Ava, Ivy, Eve.

Child 3, Boy:
First name — Isaac, Liam, Jacob, Holden.
Middle name — Elias, Micah, Xavier, Samuel.

Child 4/5, Twin girls:
First names — Violet, Alice, Isobel, Claire, Juliet, Grace, Elise.
Middle names — Hannah, Olivia, Faith, Vivian, Dionne, Evelyn, Dawn.


Lucas Alexander
Madison Eve
Isaac Samuel
Claire Olivia and Grace Evelyn

Child 1, Boy: Lucas Alexander

Child 2, Girl: Samantha Eve

Child 3, Boy: Jacob Elias

Child 4/5, Twin Girls:

4: Alice Dawn
5: Isobel Faith

Lucas Alexander
Abigail Eve
Liam Samuel
Isobel Hannah
Grace Olivia

Lucas Matthew
Abigail Eve
Liam Micah
Isobel Dawn and Claire Olivia

Child 1, Boy:
Lucas Benjamin

Child 2, Girl:
First name — Abigail Skye

Child 3, Boy:
Jacob Samuel.

Child 4/5, Twin girls:
Violet Olivia and Grace Evelyn

1) Lucas Alexander
2) Abigail Ivy
3) Holden Samuel
4) Alice Evelyn and Elise Vivian

Child 1:
Tyler Jackson.
Child 2:
Madison Ivy
Child 3:
Jacob Elias
Child 4/5:
Juliet Faith
Violet Evelyn

1. Tyler Jackson
2. Abigail Skye
3. Jacob Samuel
4. Violet Dawn
5. Grace Evelyn

Lucas Matthew
Rebecca Ivy
Isaac Samuel
Juliet Hannah &amp: Claire Evelyn

— Lucas, Rebecca, Isaac, Juliet, Claire

Lucas Alexander.
Samantha Ivy.
Holden Elias.
Alice Vivian and Isobel Evelyn.

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