JVC Surround Sound problem.?

I have a JVC THC6 SS system. We recently cut the cord and went with a digital antenna and a Channelmaster DVR. I have a 55 Vizeo TV and a Rocu Express. I have the SS hooked up to the CM DVR with an optical cable and the CM is then hooked up to HDMI 1 on the TV. The roku is hooked up to HDMI side so I ran an audio cable from the VCR jacks on the SS to the HDMI side, right and left audio jacks. I can get SS through the CM on HDMI 1 but when I switch the SS to HDMI side, I cannot get any sound for the Rocu. Can anybody help me with this??

Of course there is no such thing as a &quot:digital&quot: antenna. The same antenna used in the 1950s receives broadcast tv signals as well as they ever did. Formerly, a converter box, supplied by the government via discount coupons was required, But all this did was convert the now digitally encoded information to analog TV signal form, since the old Cathode tube TVs did not yet have their own built is digital tuners as they all do now.

The boxes addressed the lack of a digital Tuner in the TV, not the antenna. None of these &quot:Digital&quot: antennas actually convert anything. I am afraid such verbiage is used to sell basically old time rabbit ear antennas for more than their worth…Just an advertising gimmick. Your antenna out jack on the TV works just fine with standard antennas, which they all are. Reception by antenna Must of course be selected on your TV, and then you need to use your TV tuner to select channels.

I am bothering to note this , because if you do still have a roof antenna you will have far better and wider area reception using it than the shylock BS indoor antennas marketed to take money from the less knowledgeable.

Your JVC is an HTiB . HTiBs do not provide true Surround save for from their internal disc player, though they usually will include a FAUX surround mode or two from attached sources, the problem being, they do not have much provision for external attachment for peripheral players,sources or decode such sources. They are not, actually, receivers, that act as a nexus for a theater system, just disk players,possibly including a radio.

. Thus leaving you harried attempting to find some way of hooking up anything extensive, which is why a true receiver, at minimum is always recommended here. Everything hooks up to it, and will, if the source is capable, decode for true surround sound and forward the Video portion to your screen.

This means you may have to do without true surround from many sources, or buy separate switching patch bays to encompass problems to deal with lack of inputs of the correct type, outboard decoders, and signal converters.

Often, in the end, besides being aggravating, costing you more than the extra spent for a real reciever. There are other downsides. But I wont go into that.

Usually, a TV will have more than one HDMI port. Since you mention An HDMI 1 port this leads me to believe you have on the TV an HDMI 2 input (another HDMI Jack on your set. You can use this, switching the TV menu to it to address whatever device you attach to it, which hopefully includes the sound output of the device without using analog connections.

Not to dis the JVC unit, it is what it is, and dependent on your TV outputs may not attach back to your DISC PLAYER AUDIO to provide surround sound for all your needs. In your case it seems , this is making your life difficult, wiring complex and the use of analog connections required. Your TV Manual will detail your choices, any ARC connections available, so on. Read all your manuals thoroughly and do not expect there are freebie connections they do not specifically detail.

It’s not really clear what you are doing, but I’m guessing the Audio ports on the TV that you have hooked up to the SS are INPUTS and not outputs.

This is pretty specific, but ideally this is how you should have the setup configured.

Use a HDMI cable between the TV’s HDMI/ARC port and the HDMI/ARC port on the SS. Plug in the DVR into the second HDMI port on the SS. Plug the Roku into a second HDMI port on the TV. If the SS is autosensing, this should all work pretty well automatically! If not you may need to use the input button on the remote to switch between it’s two HDMI ports!

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