Favorite Card Game?

Playing card games has been an international tradition for years. What is your favorite card game called?

Gin Rummy, 21, solitare, 5 card draw.

Pamela, that’s what we used to call, slap jack but we used the jack for the slap card. The back of your hand would start to hurt if you were faster the the other person.

Euchre and Oh Hell — for those who question this is an old card game and the rules are available on the Internet. This game was a family favorite and allowed us to get by with saying a &quot: naughty &quot: word in front of our parents. Also liked rook , crazy 8, pinochle along with solitaire games. kings corner or wagon wheel was a favorite of my Grandmother.


At the moment my favourite game is Hearts.

I also enjoy Cribbage and Poker.

ers its a game were u cant see ur cards if lay down doubles slap it ,j=1,q=2,k=3,and a=4 chances to lay down a face card=j,q,k,a,or doubles

I can’t get enough of mille bornes – they even have an online version called right of way

52 card pick up

Rummy is my family’s favorite, every Saturday night.

Go fish,bonza,and uno. but i want to learn how to play duggly duggly(its from india) ,dai hin min(its from japan),and crazy eights(i think its from america)

GO FISH! Haha no not really… I like playing spit and rummy.

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