would you buy an audi, bmw, or subaru?

I am looking to buy within a few weeks so please offer any advice. if you can answer the first few bullets or read the whole thing, i would really appreciate it. Thanks guys.

im looking at an ’06-07 audi a4 2.0t quattro, 06-07 325/328xi sedan, or 09 subaru impreza 2.5i/2007 subaru wrx. i am looking at both because of the wrx’s high insurance costs.

Im trying to keep my monthly payment under $200, but im willing to spend up to $230-240 a month. I want a car that is fun to drive, has pretty decent-good pick up so i can safely merge onto a fast highway. a few other must haves are AWD and a manual transmission and it has to look nice.
(the car has to have some swagger at the minimum)

so my question really is what car would you buy with all costs/risks considered: maintenance – which car would be the most reliable. Some of the bmw/audi/subarus ive seen have 70-100K+ miles on them. ive also seen some with under 50K miles. would any of you consider buying a bmw/audi with 70K+ ? (i would check the carfax and make sure i bought a car that has been maintained pretty well regardless of mileage, but any other ideas would be great) What mileage range should i be looking for?/what mileage should i avoid? what is the deal with those third party extended warranties? are any of them worth it for a car that has high repair costs. ive read peoples reviews about subarus lasting many, many miles.

Insurance – i know there are an unbelievable number of factors that go into calculating insurance. but for arguments sake. all things considered equal, which car would be cheapest? (rank them if you can)

Gas – Gas is big because my job requires 40-50% travel which also ties into the mileage range i should purchase. I also know that certain cars require certain gas. i know the bmw and wrx require premium gas (93 octane?) MPG is also pretty important. i dont have money to blow on gas.

as i mentioned earlier, i do want a car thats at least respectably quick. like i said the car should have some swagger. i am willing to pay a little more for what i will drive everyday. The only car that i am not sure about is the impreza 2.5i. Does anyone have any experience with an impreza? ive read that it has 170HP which doesnt seem high, but it also doesnt seem low, compared to my current 01 corolla which i think is pushing 115HP if im lucky.

on a personal note, my mother drives an 06 325xi (manual) and ive been driving that for the past week while she is away. I love driving it. its so fun to drive, i love the inline 6. I am biased towards bmw because driving it is awesome. ive noticed the $50-60+ gas tank costs. I would consider an 06-07 audi a4 because they look pretty sharp and sporty. ive heard they get good mileage. how do they drive? I never drove one but ive read the 4 cylinder turbo is nice. but ive heard horror stories about repairs and how someones audi is always in the shop. i would definitely consider an audi if buying a certain mileage/well maintained one is reliable.

I am less inclined to buy a wrx only because i feel if i am going to pay high insurance, i might as well go for the nicer bmw that i would rather want anyway. But if a bmw/audi is going to end up being a headache, then id rather get a wrx that is going to be reliable

at the end of the day,this is going to be somewhat temporary. i plan on selling this car in 2-4 years, for a ’10-11 bmw 335xi coupe. (my favorite car. this is the car (08-09) that i would buy right now if money where not an option, but unfortunately, money is the main option) once i pay off most of my student loans i will buy the 335, but for now i need advice on the best bang for my buck.

thanks guys for whatever advice you can give.

Why would you purchase an Audi or BMW for reliability? They cost a TON to fix if anything goes wrong. Fuel efficiency winner goes to.. none. Probably something like a VW Jetta would be better or if you don’t mind crappy interiors like the Subarus, something like a Toyota would be good for fuel efficiency.

So that you &quot:must have&quot: AWD, that you can fail to remember the BMW 3 series then. Subaru 2.5 is an effective engine, very nontoxic. 170HP isn’t sluggish, it would still do zero-60 in lower than 9 seconds so that’s flawlessly manageable. I think you can be surprised how affordable a subaru is to insure in comparison with the opposite cars. Very light to pressure too. Audi drives heavy, they eat tyres and brake pads. As for warranties, in case you do buy an Audi or BMW then this can be a have got to. Elements are very very costly – the diesel items tend to go via turbos although typically due to prior house owners or using the mistaken oil grade. WRX isn’t too bad on insurance, and whilst you pressure often off raise it is going to be a ways higher than the other cars on gas.

BMW would be my choice. But reliability goes to the boring Subaru. Audi is a Volkswagen. Same parts and not at all reliable. You don’t hear them being the ultimate driving machine. They are trying to catch up to the big boys Benz and bimmer. Looks is what they got going for them that’s all

look here you clown! you better buy an Audi

I’d buy a BMW

audi, most definitely


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