Why do Illegal Immigrants need State Drivers Licenses???

Here in NY a DL is used as a means of becoming a registered voter. Are Pro-Illegals for voter fraud? Because thats what would happen.

Why can’t they get an International DL like I had to get in mexico and like visiting immigrants get in nations all over the globe?

When did a DL become a right and not a privelage?

A US citizen in most states has to show 10pts of ID(passport,ss card,birth certificate,etc) in NY before getting a License.

Does this mean the 77% of New Yorkers who oppose this can sue the state of NY for discrimination?

Does this idea seem insane to anyone else????

They don’t need DL to drive. They didn’t follow the law on entering the country. From the time they crossed the border they have followed no laws.
Carrying Insurance is only for people who have something to lose. You can’t sue someone who has nothing no matter who they are.
This is another devious avenue for the open border advocates to blur the line between legal and illegal for benefits and to promote their agenda.
As illegals have no problem breaking the law voting illegally would be no problem for them.
I think if it is in law the citizens of New York should have the govenor removed from office. He is elected to represent the citizens and he isn’t.

To issue specifically to known illegals? Alaska, Connecticut, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Washington and West Virginia. Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin also do not require proof of residency.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only in one situation, if it’s in Spanish. You need to check your facts, last I hear, read,saw on here and from links to sites it cost Americans


and that does not include the crime, but does include up keep on the 300,000 in federal pens, but not the estimated 300,000 in state pens. Nothing is free, not even the cheap labor. I blame the employers just as much and will pay $2 for a head of lettuce. Check it out. Take care.

I would imagine it is so they can register to vote. Like i said i have a feeling many New yorkers will be supporting &quot:Ron Paul for president come this next election. They’re not gonna put up with that crap. And i would say Hillary will be voted out as well come the next elections for her seat. both her and Guiliani shot themselves in the foot on this one. Try explaining to a New Yorker why our borders are wide open. Don’t see if you end up with cement shoes.

Illegal immigrants need their own driver’s licenses so they can buy their own insurance and be responsible when they get into an accident, so that you and I don’t have to claim our uninsured motorist policy every time we have a crash with an illegal immigrant.

You also need to get your laws straight. The NY point system applies the same to all DL applicants. A driver’s license is not a voter registration document (legal non-citizens can get a DL in every state). Immigrants who live in the US cannot get an IDP from their home countries.

I can understand your concerns, but you are very misinformed.

They should get deported as soon as they show up to get a license! Round them up like they do on cops when they sent people with warrants something saying that they won a prize. Next think you know they are off to jail after they show up to collect it. They are &quot:Illegal immigrants&quot: and should not even be in this country much less driving in it!

Couldn’t agree more with you. It is NOT a right to have a DL.

I DO think it is a scam to get the illegal aliens to vote. Certainly will aid in voter fraud.

This is the point SUPER TUESDAY…to get more illegals out of the shadows. Illegal immigrants are driving on US roads everyday. They need a special temporary license that recognizes them as illegal and driving in our country, not for voting or any other service. If they fail to get a special temporary license and get caught driving (accident or not), this should be terms for immediate deportation. No if ands or buts! Until the federal government passes comprehensive illegal immigrant reform, this will continue to be a problem.

Either the US government has to set up some type of pathway to citizenship or use our military/national/guard/police to round up illegals. Then we will have to pay to deport them to their respective countries regardless of family situation.

Hell, if I was an illegal immigrant in any country I would just try to lay as low as possible, I would be so afraid of getting caught I would just hide, you wouldn’t see me anywhere near the DMV or anywhere. Trying to get a driver’s license wouldn’t even occur to me.

It is kiosk. Is not discrimination when you say &quot:illegal immigrants&quot: That’s the terminology of a person who have violated criminal provisions of the INA.


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