why did Mccain said on the today show Bringing Troops Home from Iraq &quot:Not Too Important&quot:?

He said this moring on the today show bringing Troops Home from Iraq Not Too Important.

Check it out down below.

Go to HDNet. com then access Dan Rather Reports, buy a DVD called Captain Gilroy’s War, it’s episode 310. It shows a Marine captain in southern Iraq. She is a blond, who’s is chagrined by the deals made with Taliban like groups to achieve &quot:so-called&quot: success with the surge. I’d like to ask McSame, if Captain Gilroy and Meaghan were to switch places, would bringing home the troops be important.

If John McCain changed two issues, he would move way up on my list. 1) The war is the biggest waste of money and lives that this country has ever experienced. If he actually is doing as you indicate, that would be great in my book (although the about face is somewhat unnerving) 2) Illegal immigration- unfortunately, all 3 candidates have taken a stance that opposes my views on illegals. If McCain were to take a strong stance against illegal immigration he would move way up on my list.

As heir to the Bush policies, his first priority is to demoralize and abuse the troops. He will need to carry on Bush’s legacy of stop-loss and vetoing bills that would provide benefits to the great troops of our country. They have to keep the troops there, because if they come home and can’t get a decent GI bill and lose their futures then they may express some dissent. And that would not be good for the war effort.
It is really in the best interests of our country that everyday Americans don’t find out how poorly the troops are treated.

Nice edit job there. And yes I completely agree with him, bringing the troops home isn’t as important as winning the damn war.

Because winning is more important then bringing the troops home.

OMG! No he didn’t! Ok I’m getting ready to watch the vid and these Hillary supporters are SUPPORTING him!

I bet many of them don’t have family or friends in this war.

Try reading the entire quote, or watching the entire video(not Youtube) and you’d realize just how inane your question really is.

at this moment we should be focusing on the war and winning it instead of pulling out the troops which would make withdraw at this current moment &quot:not to important&quot:.

He would rather kick some a** and win, then come home. But that kind of talk scares to many wimps, and wimps tend to vote.

Because he needs them there to go to war with iran.

Bush has not rulled out a war with Iran and since McCain is a lot like Bush he will work with Bush to invade Iran.

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