Why back in 2000 when George Bush was running against John McCain he said quite a few bad things about John…

McCain, but why Bush suddenly supports McCain now?

George W. Bush’s Reason Number 5 Why John McCain Should Never Be President:

Not only did John McCain adopt a black daughter, but he also fathered another child with a black prostitute.

George W. Bush’s Reason Number 4 Why John McCain Should Never Be President:

John McCain illegally interfered with federal regulators investigating the savings and loan scandal when McCain was named as one of the Keating 5, a group of lawmakers under investigation for their relationship with one of the biggest corporate criminals of the 1980s.

George W. Bush’s Reason Number 3 Why John McCain Should Never Be President:

John McCain is gay and is the number one choice for President for—as the Bush campaign workers calling supporters in South Carolina put it—“fags.” (Seems to kind of contradict reason number 5, but nobody ever said the Bushies were consistent.)

George W. Bush’s Reason Number 2 Why John McCain Should Never Be President:

John McCain has so little leadership ability that he allowed his wife to become a drug addict.

George W. Bush’s Reason Number 1 Why John McCain Should Never Be President:

After five years as a POW in Vietnam, whose mind wouldn’t be affected? John McCain has shown on many occasions that he has a quick temper. John McCain clearly was adversely affected by time spent in a Vietnamese prison of war camp. Do we really want to trust this man to have his finger on the button? According to the Bush campaign workers campaigning in South Carolina in 2000, John McCain is a walking, talking real-life Manchurian Candidate who was brainwashed by his communist captors and could go nuclear at any time. Wait…sorry…I just reread what the Bush campaign workers were actually telling South Carolina Republicans and apparently they were actually saying that John McCain could go nuke-ya-ler at any time in keeping with Dubya’s misinterpretation of the English language.

I agree with George Bush on his reasons. However I must add that McCain is seriously brain damaged and mentally ill and therefore it makes him very dangerous to be US president.

He only ran against Bush in the primaries in 2000. Not the same thing as running head to head against a guy from the other party. In 2004 John Kerry made a big deal about being a war hero and people actually bought that line. So McCain being a bigger hero used it this time. But it did not seem to make any difference. Obama won, a guy who not only did not serve, he never had to face the draft and it appears he never even fired a gun. I think he will do a great Neville Chamberlain impersonation.

The current, though, hidden love affair between Bush and McCain is indeed a mystery. In fact, the disgusting diatribes you mentioned were mainly generated by Karl Rove (a.k.a. &quot:Bush’s Brain&quot:). During the 2008 McCain campaign, it appears these former enemy camps have joined forces. Rove is now a covert accomplice to helping McCain win in November, and many of Rove’s acolytes are playing vital roles in his campaign. It appears either McCain really has forgiven these unfathomable attacks on his character, or winning is indeed the only goal he has-as is evident in his negative ads.

In 2000, the main reason McCain was a jerk was the same reason any Republican was. In 2008, McCain has become the same kind of intolerant, reactionary pig that Bush and Cheney’s most vocal and obstinate supporters are.

I would assume that criminal Bush needs McCain in order to pardon Bush for all of his crimes that Bush committed during the past 8 years.

It just shows the true character of the Republican party that will stoop to any lows or evils to win. Look at the slander of John Kerry who has medals of honor from Viet Nam. When he came home he was an antiwar protester, but that is his right as an American citizen. If you do research into it that Swift boat veterens for truth was a bunch of bull. I wonder how much the Neocons paid those poor old Vets to turn on one of their own. Isn’t it funny that old Johnny’s record is according to Republicans off limits .

Why would anyone in their sound mind would vote for genuine mental case brain damaged John McCain. God forbid if he will become our president. This mentally disabled warmongering degenerate and cretin will start nuclear war at no time and he will bring our country right to it’s grave.

Bush needs McCain as the next Haliburton puppet.

John McCain is senile and mentally ill old warmongering wind passer who belongs in the nut house instead of the White House.

Because Bush and McCain have never been close! They are absolutely nothing alike, but like most of us, Bush has to support one, and chooses the less of two evils.

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