Ways to Comfort 2y/old Daughter after Surgery?

Hi all, my daughter who is 2yrs/old just had her tonsils/adenoids taken out and tubes put in her ears due to chronic ear infections and strep throat. She had her surgery a day ago and is in a lot of pain. We’re giving her Tyenol as instructed and her antibiotics.

She has been crying a lot and very miserable which we were told would be normal. We were told in about two weeks she should be feeling a whole lot better.

When she cries, I hold her and rock her and it seems to help a lot and it seems she likes to be rocked and look into my eyes and hold my hand and she calms down a lot more. Is this okay to do? Is this helping her?

What are some other ways I can comfort her?


I am so sorry you and your daughter are going through this ordeal. Please, call her surgeon tomorrow and discuss this. Holding her and reassuring her is about all you can do. You could try to distract her with a dA day or two after surgery is going to be awful, but it should get somewhat better in another day or two. Your doctor may suggest any or all of the following — don’t do anything without his approval.

1. Popsicle or icy drink may help her throat feel better.
2. Ask about more serious pain relief for a day or two. Opioids are very dangerous, but they do have a place in pain management.

Why wouldn’t it be okay to hold her and rock her? That’s what any parent would do.

Are you giving her a popsicle now and again? When my oldest had his tonsils out, his nurse told me the cold doesn’t only numb the pain while eating, but also decreases pain for a while after. Plus it’s a good way to get fluids into her if she avoids drinking because of the pain when swallowing. If you’re worried about the sugar content of store bought popsicles you can get a mould to freeze your own.

And call the hospital to ask about pain management. You may be able to alternate Tylenol and ibuprofen to make her more comfortable.

touching and rocking are great . if that don’t work , tiny amounts of opioid analgesics , or a bit of whiskey .

i think that helps me , maybe you can get her a pet to keep her company while shes healing up, that might help too

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