Should our next president be a Republican or a Democrat?

Do you think that our next president should be a Republican or a Democrat? Why? Who?

He (or she) should be a person who has the American people first &amp: formost in their mind &amp: heart. Neither party has the lock on this type of person. if the people of the USA do not have a bellyful of this &quot:politics as usual&quot: they never will. the hell with the party affiliation, Right now there are bums on both sides in congress &amp: they have been there so long they think they own the government. Be an intelligent voter!!! Not party line.

A democrat,, any democrat. Why, look at what the republicans have done every time they are in office. We end up with a fiscal mess. We either have a war, trickle down economics (that one really worked) Watergate. Need I say more.

I think it needs to be REAL conservative. All the dems are just socialists, and the one s who arent, are idiots. I think the prez will be Freddy Thompson. AND I’M A DEMOCRAT!!!!!!!!!! but both parties, the Dems &amp: Rep. arent the SAME parties of 30 years ago. Dems are all moving to the far left, and thats idiotic, &amp: most rep. are going to the far right, like that nutty Ann Coulter/Shaun Hannity, and thats stupid too.
We need someone who can unite this country, but I think that before even that can happen, we need to get rid of that bunch that are DC already. Every last one.

Republican – Ron Paul

Gee. I wonder what everyone will say. Repulicans will say Republicans. Democrats will say Democrats. Therefore, I think the next president should be a Democrat.

Democrat….I’m donw with the republican BS over the last 8 years! I want the cowboy out of office. I would like to see Obama but wouldnt mind Hillary!

Unless if it is not Dr Ron Paul, Democrat

No. We’ve tried that for almost 150 years now, and I think we need to consider other alternatives.

Democrat. Rush needs someone to yell about

Definitely not.

Green, Libertarian, Fascist, Raelian – almost anything would be better.

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