the battle has just begun,
-Trump is an idiot for what he did to that girl,
-The Girl , and more important the people around her, They take the cake for idiocy for allowing her to be subjected to such humiliation.
-Rosie , Donald may have a point when it comes to her although its good she called him on what he did,
In the famous movie the GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY, who would you pick for each roll.
The Girl, GOOD.
Trump, Bad.
Rosie, Ugly. ?

Trump – He is trying to do right.

Rosie – She is a self-centered pig who is a disgrace to women, gays, American, and our culture.

It’s old, it’s disgusting. The only reason that I am pleased to see it continue, is that Rosie has made a career on The View of insulting and denigrating people and groups. Except for the Asian gentleman in NYC, Donald is the only one who has said, &quot:Enough!&quot: Too bad he has used such crass, mean words to express himself. Being a gentleman would have made his point better and not brought him down to Rosie’s level. What I hope is that Rosie’s contract will not be renewed. The ratings for The View may be up, but ABC is smart enough to know that this is a fluke. (I think they are that smart.) I’ve said from the first, Rosie on The View is a train wreck. And Barbara Walters doesn’t need this toward the end of her career. I have noticed that she is looking older and more frail. And less sure of herself when she reads her notes to try to stop Donald. It’s just too late to save her show, in my opinion, if she keeps Rosie. But time will tell. It will be interesting. And maybe a little sad.

Pastor Billy says: Trump Willl trump the tart! second round winner Donald he’ll sue Rosie’s *** and Barbara will dump Rosie off her show with all the backroom pressure from the exec office. Rosie as bigger issues than Donald.

If this was the Jerry Springer show I’d be chanting &quot:Donald, Donald&quot: lol Go Mr. Trump put that tart in her place

For some reason everything Trump said about Rosie put a smile on my face. So I’d go for… the Bad

Trump is an American icon. Rosie is a rude, big mouthed person who has problems with alot of people.

Trump should look at himself. You are not Ms. America’s Daddy. Trump you are not an angel either. 2 affairs. Left both of your wives and had kids out of both marriages. Talk about some morals. Pot calling the kettle black. Go Rosie for callin him out.
The Good Rosie
The Bad Ms. America
The Ugly Trump

I think Rosie has lost some marbles . Let me say this…WHAT IF Miss America was a lesbian and was NOT given a 2nd chance..I would bet a million bucks that Rosie would say that she should of been given a 2nd chance-and wasn’t because she is gay. It’s all about whatever Rosie’s agenda is.

The Girl, GOOD.
Trump, Bad.
Rosie, Uglyest

I also can’t wait for Trump to sue Rosie. I cant stand her loud a** mouth. She’s is all up in EVERYONE business thats why she is always told in her face what she is. She always has a negative opinion to say about everything. Sometimes its just better staying quiet….

I can not wait for Trump to sue Rosie and the view and shut her and that show up forever. Rosie is the ugly, the fat and the *****

The GOOD: Trump
The BAD: Rosie O’donnell when she’s hungry

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