Religious people: why no gay marriage?

Seeing as the USA is not a theocracy, I would like religious people to justify why they would not allow gay marriage. If you have a logical reason I would like to hear (I haven’t heard one yet) and if it is based on your own religion justify why you think others should be subjugated to your (not their) religious beliefs.

I presume you’re asking from a civil stand-point. Well, from a civil stand-point there is as much reason to legalize gay marriages as there is to legalize prostitution. Objections to both are based upon Biblical standards anyway. So what does civil law got to do with it?

God bless.

Hey, Blake (way below here):

&gt:&gt: the whole anti-same-sex marriage thing is based around
&gt:&gt: hate. They say God says it’s a sin. They ignore the fact
&gt:&gt: the science suggests it’s natural…

Amazing! …and Atheists/Evolutionists claim Theists are ignorant! True science &quot:suggests&quot: no such thing. If it were &quot:natural,&quot: and Evolution was real, there wouldn’t be two sexes. If it were &quot:natural,&quot: and Evolution was real, there would be no heterosexual reproduction. If it were &quot:natural,&quot: and Evolution was real, everything would reproduce by asexual reproduction. Well, guess what — true science knows Evolution is a farce and that sexuality doesn’t work that way in the real world. So, you had better reexamine your facts.

God bless.

There’s no good reason not to allow same-sex marriage. The question asker specifically pointed out that the U.S. is not a theocracy but every anti-same-sex marriage post mentioned God. They always are! It’s almost always posted by a Christian guy who only mentioned same-sex marriage between other men. It’s SO obvious! They just find two guys being together disgusting. You never seeing them opposing lesbians, as the Jesus Christ post sarcastically pointed out.

If we remove the whole &quot:This is a Christian Nation&quot: nonsense, there’s no real reason why same-sex marriage isn’t allowed and I have no doubt that very soon is will be allowed and one day it will universally accepted as normal and this whole &quot:Gay is a sin&quot: madness will be seen as just that.

So, yes, the whole anti-same-sex marriage thing is based around hate. They say God says it’s a sin. They ignore the fact the science suggests it’s natural and they can’t fathom the idea that God would make people in the &quot:wrong way&quot:.

You’re asking for a logical reason that gay people should not be allowed to marry each other, but there is not one. There is NO reason why two CONSENTING ADULTS can not do what their lives what they will.

I mean, really, look at the comments on this page. I rest my case.

I am a religious person, but I believe in gay marriage in the eyes of the government. The only reason I can give you is that believing the USA is not a theocracy is a common logical fallacy. On our coins it says &quot:In God We Trust.&quot: In the Pledge of Allegiance, we say &quot:Under God.&quot: Our Declaration of Independence states &quot:freedom by the creator.&quot: People moved here for religious tolerance, not NO RELIGION. Each state was set up by different religious groups, like the Calvanists of RI and the Quakers of PA. Religion in US politics has always been a states rights issue: but recently, many people want it to be a federal issue. To top it all off, Christmas day is a national holiday. For better or for worse, the USA is a Judeo/Christian nation. That is the only reason I can give you, but I think the government should recognize gay marriage, too. I don’t think Jesus would not want them to be able to live in a legal, monogamous relationship. Besides, God made them gay. If he didn’t want them to be gay, he wouldn’t have made them gay. It is a sin, but I say &quot:love the sinner, hate the sin.&quot:

Good question. The truth is that there are no logical reasons to not allow gay marriage. I’ve seen people say that it’s &quot:icky and unnatural&quot: but this is simply grasping for nonexistant support- not allowing two people to marry will not stop them from consumating their love, plus homosexuality is clearly present in other species other than our own, and there’s plenty of evidence that points to the fact that it’s genetic.

When it comes to beliefs there are always those who believe that others should regard their as being &quot:the truth&quot: Any person with this THE TRUTH view will not be able to give you a logical answer for their opinion other then That is what GOD said.

(This is only an observation supported by research and not ment to be taken as an insult to any)

It is not right for me to force my religious beliefs on anyone. God can decide whether or not people made the right choices in life, so let them make that choice (as long as it’s not hurting anyone). I do believe in tradition though and it’s not fair to want to change our views and definitions of things. Some homosexuals want everyone to stop using the terms husband and wife, and mom and dad. That’s just as wrong and a concern of mine. I don’t understand why people on both sides of this issue have to take offense to every little thing. Just leave each other alone and live your lives. Don’t hurt anyone. Don’t deny people happiness.

God Bless.

I think you mean, &quot:Christian people&quot:. Many other religions have little or no problem with gay marriage or homosexuality in general, including my own. Wicca has a history of celebrating gay marriages and has whole denominations devoted to LGBT members.

Nathan, as Americans, each of us has the right to vote, lobby, organize and influence our govt. in a way which is consistent with our beliefs, education, learnings and faith. This is the American way. Most Americans support the traditional definition on marriage and this is reflected by the fact that every state which has voted on the issue has overwhelmingly voted that way.
The question you ask could be asked of anyone who votes on an issue. Why should others be subjugated to your beliefs? The answer is that this is the American way. We vote and we accept the outcome. Guess you don’t like the outcome.

As a fundamentalist Bible Thumping Christian, let me be the first to extend a warm welcome to you and blessings on whoever or whatever you want to marry. I have no idea why we Christians demand that everyone live as a Christ follower. We ourselves are incapable of doing this without constant help from the Holy Spirit. If you reject the GOD of the Bible then that is your rite. Nobody should stand in your way of doing something legal. I for one am glad that most churches don’t treat us who break the commandments as bad as they do gay people. I would never have survived.

Hope that helps.

If they can convince gay people that &quot:acting straight&quot: is the right thing to do, they’ll get into an opposite-sex marriage and procreate, creating more little Christian babies.

It’s not logical and it’s not fair, but for a cult trying to gain more members, it’s useful.

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