People always talk bad about Obama, what are the bad things about Mccain?

You rarely ever hear bad things about Mccain, well at least where I live. All I hear is how bad Obama is and how &quot:he’s muslim&quot: blah blah blah. So, what are some bad things about Mccain?

He is too keen of deregulations (it happened with the S&amp:L and he was part of the keating 5) and he also help fule the current problem we are in (although he is not the sole problem for it). he also seems out of touch with things, no knowing how many houses he owns.

you say people talk bad about obama or do they speak the truth?

he is old, might freak out in office because of a flashback from the service

its politics, so expect it. this is why i hate politics with a passion.


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