If Whites can claim the Ancient Egyptians, will they allow Blacks to claim the Greeks?

It’s interesting how backward the logic Whites supremacists use can be. They say Italians, Greeks, etc are European even though they don’t look like typical northern Europeans, BUT , at the same time, they have the nerve to say that Ancient Egyptians aren’t Black Africans like the rest of Africa.


Many claim to be Japanese Samuri too. But, I don’t know why?

&quot:The Egyptians themselves said they descended from the Ethiopians. They were Hamitic/Niolitic Africans, ie Ethiopians, Kenyans. The Arabs didn’t arrive until 700 ad and they incorporated the culture and people as part of their own. But Egypt is a decidedly african civilization. Its insulting to every race to suggest that blacks simply stayed in the lower part of Africa when the people migrated all over the world.

All black Africans don’t look alike either. The Sudanese, who are thin, tall and very dark look different than the Khoisians of South Africa with their peppercorn hair and yellow brown skins, who look different than the Bantu blacks of west Africa with their wooly hair and brown-black skins, who look different from the Ethiopians who have wavy hair and very brown skins.

And to say look at the people there now is ridiculous because 500 years ago, America was full of Native Americans, and now there are almost none. People migrate, and mix.

Also, to say look at the walls is ridiculous as well. The sculptures show people with prothaganism, a decidedly Black African trait, and wooly hair. All black people do not have skin the color of night, there are different levels in the shade of brown or wooly hair.

Blacks cannot be removed from Egypt or Africa, and finally scholarship is catching on to this.

The last thing Egyptians were, were white Anglo Saxons from Europe. The Meditteranian whites, ie Greeks, arrived very late in the game, after the height of Egyptian Civilization. They certainly weren’t white. People tend to associate white with Caucasian bone structure when that bone structure originated in Africa, not the Caucus mountains as is claimed. And since the Ethiopians have caucasian bone structure, people wish to classify them as whites, when the darkest people on earth have this bone structure. Even if they were Middle Eastern, they were not white, not in the sense that Americans like to use the term.

Egypt became a multicultural civilization that the world has the right to be proud of, but the original people were dark African people, and I don’t think its right that people attempt to remove blacks from this culture when so many things point to their origin.&quot:- unknown source

I found this and decided to paste it. I have always been confused to why people won’t acknowledge Egyptians being Africans. Someone once told me that Egyptians weren’t African because they were too high up on the continent?…lmao seriously how ridiculous does that sound?. If you look on this site and look at anything about the ethnicity of a groups of people, people will claim them as white. It’s like Some white people not all want everyone else on this planet to be White except for Africans. It’s just ignorant.

the classic Egyptian race replace into Hamitic. Ham son of Noah who inhabited the Africa and different lands. the classic Egyptians talked approximately them selves as Rem khemi or Remi Kami. Rem potential human beings or u . s . and khemi potential black. the classic Egyptians had darkish dermis some could look Arabian, or Indian and a few appeared like Ethiopians and a few appeared like Mediterranean or Berbers. they had many colours of hues in many situations brown, and it additionally based in the event that they have been from decrease or larger Egypt. could god bless them.

It is genetically impossible for caucasians to survive in the weather conditions of Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians were 100% black african nubians. Not mixed just black.

Good question.

I think whites need to leave ancient history alone. They have a tendency of twisting things up and causing an uproar between the masses.
Bunch of psychos!

Ancient Egyptians are middle eastern colour nor black, nor white

Ancient Egyptians were mostly mixed with Nubian, Greek, and Middle Eastern countries especially Arab. Because those are the people who lived there. You could claim Aristotle but Aristotle wasn’t part black. Most Egyptians were half white half black because of the mixing that went on. Egyptians are mixed. Not white. Mixed. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Why is this even important to you anyways?

Hahaha… DLT gave the right answer… totally hit the nail right on the head. And yet all the thumbs down… hmm, wonder why…(haha).

Yesterday during class some guy said that the only reason why MAYANS and Aztecs had Pyramids was because white people taught them how to make them!!! How ridiculous does this sound?

They want to claim everything.

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