I need help planning my boyfriends 21st birthday party!?

It isn’t until November but I usually put things off until the last minute and they never get done right. He has never drank alcohol before, so that isn’t very important. I want to rent out a pizza place and have some family and friends there. I want it to be a surprise but I’m almost positive someone will accidently tell him.
What are some things I can do during the party to make it fun? I was thinking poker and games like that since he is 21…and we can’t afford vegas! lol. ANY ideas would be great.
Thank you!

Sounds like you have an AWESOME theme for the party. You may even want to completely decorate someone’s basement in Casino theme for the party and forgo renting out a place.

I threw a party for a bf at a restaurant and made out invitations stating that a) it was a gathering and everyone covered their own meals/drinks, b) not to tell him, c) RSVP to me and keep it a secret. I also got his mom to help me arrange to have a cake at the location and put up the decortions I bought and to be the party hostess while I got him there. Then, the day of the party, I had an entire him and me day planned where we did his favorite things and I ultimately brought him to the party location. He was super shocked, especially since I was on a huge budget as a college student. All the events he and I did before hand threw off any idea of a party and I wasn’t stressed bc I got the help from interested people. Good luck!

Well if you are renting a place, by the time you eat, and maybe people give him presents and he sees everyone there might not be too much time for other things. By 21 you don’t really need organized games at a party, so don’t worry too much!

sounds fun and lest say he has to wina ahd to get his first legal drink of beer

Do It… sounds like fun

HOtttttt Doggggg it

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