How exactly would wrestling be if EVERY wrestler was used &quot:right&quot:? *BQ inside*?

Every day we see someone complaining that one wrestler or another isn’t being used right but how exactly would the wrestling world be if everyone was used right all the time?

BQ1: Who on Raw do you think is ready for a main event push and why? Not who deserves it, not who’s talented enough but who is READY. explain your answer.

If every wrestler was used right, which I actually find nearly impossible (or at least not work) it would be interesting to say the least. This is a topic I usually try to stress to anyone who complains about the positions every superstar is in and the fact that most of them accept their role in a company. Now to break down how exactly would be if every wrestler was used right:

Storyline(s) – There will be far too many storylines in a show than there currently is right now. Most of the time we will be faced to watch a one on one match for the U.S. Championship for an example. If everyone was used right that would mean there would be a few more superstars than there currently is right now, waiting in line for a championship match. You can’t force Triple Threat matches, Fatal Four ways or Battle Royals every week, so each superstar would be placed in some storyline and have their given time on air (air time) whether it’s a promo, segment or angle. This would the main event less time than there is, which the main event should be the main draw. The entire example I used for the U.S. Championship goes for every division.

Satisfying Fans – It is nearly impossible to please every single fan, especially the fans who are self proclaimed critics. Each fan wants a specific lower card to be pushed to the mid card, mid card to main event and main event out of the main event. Even if all superstars were all used right, the fans will still not be satisfied. Championships will more likely switching hands left to right, if not it would be built among the most over superstar (i.e.: recent example would be John Cena during his early run and look where that got him: most fans turned on him). This will rally the fans up even more than they already are because you can’t please every single person.

Rotation – This is a follow up to the storyline section. The rotation of certain superstars in a division would be crucial. As you brought up in the Additional Details with a six man battle royal: the WWE can’t repeatedly put on these type of matches week in and week out. Triple Threats, Fatal Four Ways, 6 Man Battle Royals will all fail, including the one on one matches. For an example, Randy Orton would be defending his title against the likes of Triple H (one week – month), John Cena (1 week – month) and anyone who is in the main event (all 1 week – month). This causes a lack of build up into a feud and the lack of getting the fans satisfied with the current product.

In conclusion, for every superstars gain, there has to be a superstars fall. In this scenario of everyone being used right, it just wouldn’t work.

BA – This is interesting because there’s only one who’s actually ready, but he’s currently in a tag team. If you haven’t figured it already, I’m talking about MVP. He’s not completely ready, but he’s the only closes one to being ready compared to most of the superstars who are in the lower card and mid card. He’s had experience in matches with Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Triple H, Chris Benoit and a couple of others already. His maturity, story telling and etc has all improved from the MVP of 2006, 2007. If I was being straight up honest, I still believe no one is ready yet.

Well if EVERY wrestler was used right then first off:

– There would be a lot less wrestlers in the company so that every wrestler could be used
– People that used to be in the main event will be jobbers to new talent that haven’t proven themselves because the main eventers &quot:hog up the main event scene&quot: and the new superstars &quot:are so talented and underrated&quot:
– As soon as someone moves up to the main event they will be called overrated and should be pushed back down
– The best way to get people on your side is to lose to a midget
– If you’re a heel you should be a champ, even if there is a face challenger better than you
– Titles change every other week to keep things &quot:fresh and new&quot:

etc. etc. Things like that. And of COURSE there would be complaints that the WWE doesn’t know what it’s doing, that everything is WRONG WRONG WRONG. There’s simply no pleasing them . . .

BQ1: In short, in my opinion, no one. Yes there are plenty of superstars that are talented enough, that could have been in the main event. But the WWE isn’t all about wrestling ability. It’s also about entertainment and how over you can get with the crowd. The mid carders, though talented, really don’t have the fan base yet and are not ready for a main event push. I think they need to continue working hard and improving themselves because none are ready for the big spot light yet. But if they keep at it, then they should rise.

I think it would be extremely chaotic.

If we think this logically, then it is impossible because in wrestling, there will always be winners and losers. It’s a fact that we cannot change and its part of the sport. If everyone was used correctly all the time, who would be the winners and who would be the losers? Some people say Jack Swagger should be world champion and others say John Morrison should be world champion, but one will eventually have to defeat the other right? This situation cannot be avoided and it would be chaotic. No fan is satisfied with the products and programming and it will always remain that way. There will always be complaints and people who disapprove of a certain decision. It’s something that we must live with because its all a part of wrestling.

I think it would turn into more of a popularity contest. Fans always want their favorite wrestlers to win and our differences in opinion could be the downfall of wrestling. We always want what’s best for OUR favorite wrestlers. We wouldn’t be satisfied with all the wrestlers being used correctly and that has shown with experience. We would always get tired of that wrestler because he would be categorized as &quot:overrated&quot:. WWE does occasionally try pushing new superstars such as Randy Orton, John Cena, Jeff Hardy, John Morrison, and others, but we aren’t satisfied with them. John Cena is hugely hated by the IWC, Randy Orton has been earning more criticism, Jeff Hardy is probably the most hated superstar in the IWC today, and many people think John Morrison is overrated. We have turned our backs on each and every one of these superstars. Would we be satisfied if WWE pushed new superstars? Would we turn our backs on them as well?

I don’t think its ever going to change because there will always be criticism and the never ending cycle where we’ll ask for new wrestlers to be pushed, but we’ll most likely reject most of them when their weaknesses are exposed. I mean wrestling fans don’t seem to be satisfied most of the time with anything promotions present. We’ve been rarely satisfied with any certain wrestler for quite a while now. There will always be opposing sides who oppose the decisions. It’s impossible to please every single fan out there in my opinion.

BQ: I think MVP is a pretty great choice for Raw. MVP just needs a good gimmick to get him over with the fans because he’s pretty much the same face as other faces. There isn’t much depth to faces anymore because they are all typically the same nowadays in the WWE. MVP would need slight adjustments in his gimmick and I think the rest will play out on its own. MVP has decent wrestling ability to create solid matches and he’s entertaining to watch in the ring. MVP also has the mic skills because he sounds natural on the mic. His arrogance and his voice would make him a perfect heel if WWE chose to turn him heel. He has the charisma because he can make fans boo him or cheer him. MVP is the total package as a future WWE main eventer. He would also be a fresh new face in WWE’s main event picture.

If everyone was used right it would just be one big clusterf**k after another really or there would never be any feuds just one match after another with no continuity to it due to the switching around of opponents so much. That is part of the reason i like the idea of territories so much, people could go from promotion to promotion letting there be more spots for other people instead of having two big promotions and everyone just staying in the same place for a long time.

BQ1: MVP is really the only one that is READY for it hes been on the brink of breaking through since he got over the losing streak. And everyone else is just either not built up enough or too new that it would just seem weird, unless they did it for one match and went back down but that isnt a full on main event push. MVP is the only that is ready as a main stay in the main event. Hes been built up enough imo and he wouldnt be too out of place with it, unlike ted who is unimpressive and is just why does he have a job. Unlike swagger who has the in ring skills but its like hes only been around for a year and just doesnt have that edge yet like brock lesnar did. Then you have kofi and miz and with miz its like alright he can talk but can he wrestle and with kofi its like he can wrestle but can he talk. So MVP is the only one who seems READY.

That makes a lot of sense LPSR, but you have to take the guys in the main event that don’t deserve it out, and replace them with the ones that do. It all evens out in end. Like Swagger will be a main eventer yes, but hes not ready. Same with Kofi. But if you replaced lets say, Batista with Matt Hardy, would that not make WWE better?

BQ: I think out of all the people on Raw right now, Ted Dibiase is most ready for a push. He will go over big as a face feuding with Randy, and if you’ve seen some of his indy promos he plays a VERY good good guy. His wrestling skills are underrated, and I for one am excited to see him main event.

Well, if everyone was used ‘right’, then everyone will still be complaining about something or anouther.

BQ1: I would say MVP, but given the stature of Raw’s main event (everyone else has about 50 pounds of muscle/body oil on him), he would probably not get too far. I’d probably say Mark Henry- He’s been in the company for a while and he has the stature to keep up with Cena, Orton and HHH.

Wrestling would be a lot better but people would still complain about something.

BQ: MVP or maybe Jack Swagger

Swagger is totally ready. Maybe one of the legacy members (Ted)

evan bourne.hes the only talent on raw.ted jr too but cody is gay and turning him lol.if everone in wwe was used right they would be gone cause they all suck lol.(some dont like taker,punk,orton,bourne,jericho,batista,… everyone else cant wrestle ESPECIALLY THE DIVAS LOL.

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