How do homosexual religious people handle the whole debate on religion vs. homosexuality?

I’m not saying anything bad about relgious people or gay people but I have to assume there are a lot of gay people who are also Christian, muslim, etc. I just want their take on the fact that their religion typically says what they’re doing is wrong.

I’m not religious .. but I am gay
and a ‘religious’ ex-boyfriend once told me

1. If homosexuality was THAT bad it would be one of the commandments
”Thou shalt not be Gay” .. or whatever

2. God is love .. it’s religious bigots who hate gays .. not God.

I stopped going to church because I didn’t like it. Not really to do with being gay, because I don’t do that in church. I just don’t like crowds of people.

And also, I think it’s better to live by your own beliefs and conscience, rather than waiting to be told what to think. That seems a little bit lazy. And seems to be how some people interpret their religion…… As a set of instructions so that they don’t have to make a decision or think of the bigger issues.

I think &quot:religion&quot: has been created/ interpreted by people. And so it is flawed.

Better to love God, and try to live by the basic principles of &quot:love thy neighbour&quot:, &quot:the golden rule&quot:, etc. These are almost universal to all religions.

The Bible was written by man.

It also condemns premarital sex, sodomy (under which any sex act that does not contribute to procreation is classified), divorce, and a number of other things that thousands if not millions of Christians do on a regular basis. God didn’t write the Bible. We did. And instead of choosing to prosper and ascend above violence by showing respect and compassion for all humanity, many choose to wallow in their own fear of rejection and project that fear onto others through unnecessary hatred. If people would stop to think for a moment and consider that maybe, just maybe, not everything that’s published in the Bible reflects the true will of God, we would be able to look past our differences as human beings and rise above the monotonous pattern of discrimination, murder, and shame. That is the way I see it.

This might help clear things up – a minister friend of mine wrote this:

Many religious people have misinterpreted the Bible based on their beliefs not what it actually says.

Short answer – Leviticus, Romans and Corinthinas

Long answer –
The main passages misquoted against gay folk are Romans 1, 1 Corinthians 6:9, and Leviticus 18-20.

Romans 1, in context, is referring to pagan same-sex temple prostitution in the worship of idols and false gods. Both in Corinth (where the apostle Paul was writing the letter) and in Rome (where it was being sent) there were prominent temples to Cybele, the mother goddess. The Greeks and Romans were abandoning the invisible Deity taught by their own philosophers, and were turning instead to worship Cybele using idols of women, lions and serpents.

Her male priests, the Galli, castrated themselves (what a terrible penalty for their error!), dressed as women, and played the part of women in same-sex prostitution in honor of the goddess.

Even the women likewise, who worshiped Cybele, dressed as men, were fitted with artificial phalli / dildos, and played the part of men in same-sex temple prostitution.

The context is rejecting God and turning to idols. None of this has anything to do with nice Jewish or Christian boys who love God but who fall in love with another boy.

The 1 Corinthians verse began to be badly translated as &quot:homosexuals&quot: in 1946. But five centuries earlier, Martin Luther translated the word as &quot:child molesters&quot:. And it seems that arsenokoites referred to men who abducted boys to make them sex slaves.

Then for Leviticus. First, this section of the bible was written to ancient Hebrews, not modern Gentiles. It is no more binding on Christians than the parts about not eating ham or shellfish.

But at any rate, there are two different Hebrew words used for &quot:male&quot: — the normal &quot:ish&quot: and the unusual &quot:zakar&quot:, which often has priestly connotations. This is confirmed by the fact that the word abomination &quot:toevah&quot: is used, which 85% of the time in the Torah has to do *not* with sin, but with taboos relating to idolatry.

It seems likely that male Canaanite priests (zakar) were trying to lure Jewish men (ish) into same-sex temple prostitution to worship Baal, Astarte, and the other abominable gods of Canaan.

What we do know is that God is Love.

We also know that, in Christ, there is no more &quot:male and female&quot: (compare Galatians 3:28 with Genesis 1:27). We are not under the old creation which was geared toward reproduction. We are a new creation in the crucified and risen Christ, so issues of gender do not affect our salvation. Human beings look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart (1 Samuel 16:7).

I belong to a religion that is accepting of gay people (Reform Judaism) so I have no dilemmas about it

as for people using thier religion to promote homophobia. I think that they have self esteem issues and feel the need to feel superior to someone else

they dont. homosexuals are atheists. if they weren’t why would they be gay?

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