Has anyone quit smoking without help from your doctor?

I don’t want to take medication. Tell me what you did.

My mom quit cold turkey a few years ago. Wasn’t fun, but it worked. She didn’t take anything to help, she only ate hard candy to help the urges.

Actually took me by surprise.
I just wanted to smoke less (Was up to 2.5 packs a day), so I began to set rules, such as No smoking before 9 a.m., wait at least an hour before the next smoke, and so on (not all at the same time).

After a few months, I was down to No smoking before 11 a.m. (thus excluding morning coffee break — I think this was the clincher), and writing down the date and time of EACH smoke. No pen? = no smoke. After six months, I was down to 4 or 5 cigarettes per day.

Then, one day, I found that it was 3 p.m. and I had not smoked yet, that day (August 31, 1994), so I decided to see how long I could last.

After three days of &quot:failing to smoke&quot:, I put the cigarettes away and I have not smoked since.

I never smoked but know former smokers who did it without any meds. They changed their thinking about their unhealthy habit and all went cold turkey. If you quit with the same mindset, you will always go back to smoking. You have to transform the way you think about it. You need to be repulsed by it. We, non smokers are very repulsed and that’s why we don’t smoke in the first place.

I quit smoking without a doctor. It wasn’t easy. I got cold sweats and was sometimes physically ill. I was younger and used weed as a crutch. Weed is tons easier to stop. I only got cranky for a week or so. I quit in my late 20s. Now I’m in my 40s, drink socially, am around smokers, and I don’t get cravings.

Yes, I quit without medication. It wasn’t easy, but I did it.

The problem with cigarettes is that it isn’t a mental addiction: you don’t feel like you WANT to smoke a cigarette, you NEED to smoke one, so it’s a tough nut to break. Anyways, let’s get to the point. In any case, DON’T quit in one go. Like don’t wake up one day and say &quot:I won’t smoke now&quot: it doesn’t work that way… you’ll go and buy another packet and smoke the sh*t out of it the very next day. Take it slow and steady and you’ll get there soon. If you smoke a packet each day, try cutting 2 or 3 cigarettes. Keep it to that until you are completely comfortable. Then, keep cutting 2 or 3 until you’re smoking 9 or 10 each day. Then slowly, REALLY, REALLY slowly, start cutting one by one until you’re smoking 2 or 3 each day without any difficulty. Then, smoke on alternative days. I mean, like today’s Tuesday, so you don’t smoke at all today, and then smoke those 2 or 3 cigarettes the next day. Keep doing that until you’re comfortable.

Lots of people have since smoking first came along, the most successful people I know, one quit cold turkey, the other switched to vaping the plainest nicotine ecig solution she could find

I just quit smoking maybe 3weeks. I stopped smoking when i was working abroad for about a year then suddenly i came back to smoke., then i decided to stop again. Make a list advantages and disadvantages when you smoke then compare. It’s on you buddy, i just want to live healthier life half of my life just wasted and i’m rebuilding it. Good luck.

Both my parents did. They just stopped.

My Sister is now addicted to the &quot:Gum&quot:, always has it in her mouth even when eating.

Weak minds always need crutches.

I went to Smoke Enders

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