Global Warming – Ice Age?

is global warming going to eventually lead into the ice age???? does global warming have anything to do with a ice age happening??

It’s really not that far fetched to understand how a warming can cause an ice age… It actually can be shown with a simple science experiment. Put a heat source over some water, put something floaty on it, watch how convection moves that thing around. This is how the oceans work. They have currents that carry warm waters to the poles. In particular the Atlantic current for example. Now if temperatures get warm enough, that current can be disrupted.. Then what you do got? No more warm water to the north, therefor a drastic increase in glacier volume, which in turn causes a colder climate which is science that can get very involved and I don’t feel like getting in to it now. This is, in fact, similar to what has happened in past ice ages… The earth works in feedback loops. Once a certain climate change reaches a pivital point, natural systems are thrown in to counteract it. Who knows what will happen with humans thrown in to the mix though, we have an incredible impact on our environment, none of it natural.

Yes- I have watched An Inconvenient Truth- great movie, and id global warming comes there will most likely be another Ice Age because some current in the Atlantic will stop taking warm water to the surface and therefore another Ice Age will happen. (If you want more detail watch the movie) So yes… In some parts of the world flooding and rising temperatures and in another an Ice Age.
Great, isn’t it?
And crazy tomato there IS such thing as global warming (if you lived in Australia you would know that) and anyone who doesn’t believe it is either stupid, is scared so much of it that they pretend it doesn’t exist, or has parents who don’t believe in it. Watch An Inconvenient Truth if you need convincing.

1) Its known that the Polar and Greenland ice caps are melting. What is causing that? 2) Regardless of warming, we know that oil is a dwindling natural resource and that we buy it from Muslims who hate us. Are you suggesting that our current fossil fuel consumption is sound economic and national security policy? If not, what do you propose to tackle this issue? I suspect that the party of &quot:no&quot: have no ideas at all on these issues and is merely playing politics because they don’t like Al Gore. But I await your or your party’s response with an open mind. Well if the &quot:scientific community&quot: has a consensus and full grasp of the global climate what happened to the ice age? How come they band together and conspire to prevent peers to publish contrary theories? 1) natural cycle of the earth which is complex and not fully understood 2) We are pursuing such technologies and the market will determine the speed we bring them to market. how about I you answer this one chicken little. If you believe that CO2 is an issue and to reduce it by the amount their model predicts would need the entire world to reduce emissions to get to 350ppm? And considering that you cant get India or china on board and reducing our emissions to ZERO by tomorrow (if that were remotely possible) would have a negligible effect. what is your solution? make solar panels? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You better hope they arent right because we cannot effect the results doing the hair brained ideas you ppl are proposing. We would need teraforming equipment or to expel poison into the atmosphere in order to be effective. So whats your solution..I mean besides doing stuff that wont effect anything? &lt:crickets&gt: Can we be the party of yes by supporting ineffective solutions to imaginary problems? I guess if ppl dont by into your psychosis that means that they are all dumb as rocks. right? You dont even realize that the dumba$$ solutions you propose wont fix the problems you claim to understand.

Warm to hot weather causes more water vapor to be sucked up into the air through evaporation. The air can only retain so much moisture in the form of humidity, which is about 2% of the atmosphere volume. This is refereed to as 100% humidity by weather people. This saturated air will then move with the winds until it encounters air cool enough to form clouds which will than absorb more humidity from the air until the air cools enough to reach dew point where it will rain or snow.

Ice ages happen when most of the rain and snow falls in the arctic zones causing massive buildup there that does not melt in the summers. This is currently happening in the Antarctic region because of the current physical orientation of the earth where the Northern Hemisphere is getting more sun than the southern.



Some people believe global warming does everything from causing more hurricanes, to causing fewer hurricanes, causing droughts and floods, and even causing warming and cooling at the same time.

In short – no matter what happens, its because of global warming.

Global warming will melt all the ice… poor polar bears )= coca cola needs a new mascot.. how depressing.

Global warming has only led to shrinking human brains.

No . It wouldn’t lead to an Ice Age..

number one there is no such thiing as &quot:global warming&quot: that is just balogne to scare people into doing what the freak enviromentalists want you to do. How would warmth cause and ice age. There is no such thing as cave men that you see in the movies or in stories, there are early people though, Adam and Eve, it is in the bible.


This planet will be destroyed and a new one created by God Looong before an ice age. Read Revelations.

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