Do you think Gordon Brown did his Up-most as Prime Minister?

Yes, had a mission to destroy society and make the country a society of brain dead benefit scrounging scum with the Daily Mirror brainwashing them and preaching their parafanalia.

A society without drive and ambition and happy to plod along and acheive nothing with their lives.

A society he can control.

A 1984 Big Brother society.

He and his colleagues and Blair have done this. Just imagine what they will do over the next 5 years.

Country, what country!! Wont be one left come 2015 GE.

Thank you to all of you who supported Labour and have assisted Brown and co in the murder of our country.

ROT!!! You deserve it!!

I cannot think of anything positive about Gordon Brown’s term as Prime Minister. He has demonstrated a total lack of leadership, and no sense of judgement in the interests of this country.

It is truly unbelievable that he thinks he can retain the position of Prime Minister. Let us not forget that he was not elected as leader of the governing labour party when Tony Blair threw in the towel.

i’d in user-friendly words take situation inclusive of your first element. The economic employer of england were given the duty for holding inflation below administration with prices of interest. we stay in a debt ridden society because we stay in mandatory now pay later society. in the previous the Chancelor managed prices of interest and tended to regulate them for political motives extremely than economic motives, e.g prices would come down previously a generic Election and we would all have extra funds to spend and picture what a most appropriate authorities we’ve were given. by utilizing giving the potential to the B of E he made a wise and courageous bypass. ought to Gordon Brown be the subsequent best Minister? i will not see a extra positive option from any political social gathering.

ok here is a less douche like answer, basically gordon is a very clever man but he was never the right man for the job. He would probably be very successful at a firm but he isn’t cut out for running a country. So did he do his best, who can really tell all that matters is that we can recover from this before it’s too late.
cameron for the win!

His utmost to follow on from his pal Tony Blair to ruin what was a country well thought of before 1997.

Yes but he was rubbish , he is a liar , he can’t count , he actually has no redeeming qualities whatsoever!

He just wasn’t up to the job – the old lady in Rochdale was the final nail inhis coffin!

We didnt vote that scottish coont in! It is time the bully boy is kicked out before we all riot and have a major revolution!

Only in covering up his economic ineptness.

Amen to get labour out!!!!
I didn’t have to answer this question,because I couldn’t have put it better….

utmost. and no.

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