Do you ever think of mentioning your zodiac sign in your resume?

Do you know that some countries already examine your birth data ? That has been a practice, untold for many years..I do not agree with it at all.

The same applies with handwriting analysis. Many European companies will insist that you do not use a computer but write the cover letter by hand as well as requiring your signature.

They employ handwriting experts as well as astrologers.

Lots of controversy. Astrologers and handwriting analysers should not play God.

It is being done in France and Germany…for 20 years now ? but applicants are not told.

Raymond Domenech ?? rings a bell ? eheheheh ?

Now here in Canda you are not required to write your birth details, status etc in order to avoid discrimination. Interviews are different though but I do not think North America pays any attention to signs or handwriting. I think if I mentioned : Sagittarius !!!! Hire me..perfect for the job,,,,I would be seen as being totally bonkers lol !

BUT some European countries on the other hand…yes they do !!! They do not ask you specifically but extract it from you in one way or the other.

No. Astrological signs were first created so that ships could find their way when on the ocean. They created pictures with the stars and that way they could aim for certain pictures and be able to navigate to where they wanted to be. None of this an anything to do with horoscopes. The horoscope thing was created in greece as a mystical power. Someone made it up and a lot of folks thought it was cool and would pay the mystics for a reading. It is similar to the Ouija Board. Just a game. Not real. Therefore if you put it on your resume, the hiring firm will think you are uneducated. So no matter what your personal beliefs are just don’t do it.

No, for two reasons.

One, I don’t think the person who is in charge of hiring would take me seriously if I put my Zodiac sign in my resume, especially if it’s for an important job (like a doctor or a lawyer). Second, there is a stigma associated with my sign-Gemini- that I am two faced and unreliable. I already have to deal with that outside of a job. My career and having a job is more important than someone’s perceptions.

No, it would seem redundant because if an employer was interested in astrology, they would be curious enough to ask, or simply look at your birthday. When my company receives resumes, people always list their birthday. I’ve never selected employees or subcontractors based on their sign. I know of companies that do, but not in my particular business.

Edit: I agree with Isabelle. There are many factors that can go sour with hiring based on an astrologer’s input. I have some knowledge of astrology, and I won’t do that. I would really be skeptical of someone hiring an astrologer to assess whether someone would be skilled at sales engineering or field engineering. For one thing, the astrologer might be able to expertly assess the person’s chart, but the astrologer might not know anything at all about the important subtleties involved with that line of work. The chart might tell you that the skills, ambition and drive should be there, but the resume will tell you if that bears out as true.

No, I have never considered this. If you or anyone else wants to obtain a job, please write a professional, clear resume about your job goals, work experience and skills. Zodiac signs would ruin a professional resume. Any potential employer would see this as too whimsical, freaky or just totally unnecessary and your resume would go into one of those black holes in space, or worse – the wastebasket.

Unless you are applying to a job as assistant to a wizard or your horoscope sign is specifically asked for in a job application (highly doubtful) I would definitely say keep your zodiac out of the resume!

I know better! But if this was a society where astrology was a deeply-rooted part of the status quo, I think my sign would take me far actually. People would look and react, &quot:Excellent! A young Virgo. Why you’ll make a fine addition, we need a hard and diligent worker like you.&quot:

That would be a very useless thing to put in a resume.

Zodiac Sign: The one that’s good at jobs…

Yeah, I’ve thought of it.

it would just give them a better reason not to hire you. and i dont think the person hiring me would want to see &quot:scorpio&quot:front and center of my resume and have an instant flashback…

I don’t think I would, but if it was me looking at people’s resumes, I’d probably ask for theirs!


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