Do White American women cheat a lot? Why do so many white kids have step parents?

Well, I don’t mean offense to you white american women here but I have noticed over the years that most white american kids have step parents. I have actually seen few that only have a mom and a dad. I well, am a Mexican have been raised in a Mexican household, with a few stereotypes regarding them. and yeah I have always been told by my parents that dating or marrying a White girl would be a really bad choice.

I have never really been attracted to Mexican (Chicano) girls. I have always found the chicana’s personalitys unnattractive, they usually all want to act like ghettocized black girls who live in Da HO0DZ and look like this


but anyways, what’s the deal with this? Why do so many white anglo-saxon americans have so many step parents? Could the white men be the reason? The White women? Is this a culture thing?
But yeah, I kind of always prefered the White girls over the Chicanas. Although I prefer the Mexicans better than both the Chicanas and the White girls.

because the original father rarely stays with his family.
less then 1 in 4 stay with his family.

You are assuming a lot! It does not mean that it is the &quot:white women’s&quot: mistakes that has created a divorce. It could be many other factors involved. Like a wife being battered, the husband cheating on her, the man being a jerk, not supporting the family.

Of course the same applies to a women. Therefore, we are not able to say why so many children have step parents, except for the obvious. Their parents got divorced, and then re-married. That creates step-parents for many children. That in itself is not bad. My husband married me and my five children years ago. He became a wonderful father immediately and we have never looked back and regretted anything.

You are also dwelling on race too much. Why don’t you just see people. Divorce, separation, step=parents etc. happen in all ethnic backgrounds. One particular race does not do worse or better than another.

It would seem that you choose everything by ethnic background. That my friend, will cause you more challenges and problems in your life. If you just see people, and not color or race, you will be going by the personality, kindness and other positive features. If you choose by race, that means you are not interested in what kind of person they are inside, as long as they are of a certain race.

Having a step parent doesn’t mean anyone cheated. It just means one marriage ended and another started. And we didn’t always act like this. Our government brainwashed us into thinking that we deserved to be happy at the expense of any and everything else. We have lots of Mexicans here now. And the longer they stay and the more kids they raise here the more they act like us. I’ve seen it happening with my own eyes over the last couple of decades. But come and get your ‘free lunch’ anyway. I doubt you will manage to maintain your culture though, no matter what language you choose to speak.

I’m not American but it’s like this here in the UK. What makes you think it’s coz of ‘cheating’? A lot of the time it’s just broken relationships, and then forming new ones with partners who already have children… that’s how the world is these days unfortunately!!

Anglo-Saxon Americans?

Anglo-Saxons are only a small group of the people who are considered White in America.

And you should look up the divorce rate, it may surprise you.

White women are usually married when they have children. 24% of white children born outside of marriage, 48% of mexican children born outside of marriage, and 77% of black children born outside of marriage. These are from the government statistics. If you are a white female you are expected to be married if you plan to have children. If the marriage with the biological father does not work out you usually marry again giving the child a step parent. It is important in the white community to be married therefore giving the child two parents. It is a prov in fact that children from one income households usually live in poverty. A mother can not earn the living, cook, do school activities, yard work, read a story book, etc. She can not be two people because she is only one. A child needs two parents to have their needs meant. I guess you could say that white women cheat more. To cheap you have to be in a relationship and white women usually are. Mexican and black women have many births with no father present.So I guess their not cheating because you can’t cheat if you have no man present to cheat on. Most of these step parent situations are white women who got pregnant young because they didn’t use their birth control. The man of course leaves, then she marries someone else.

Did you know that only 10% of Americans are even of Anglo descent? Most of them are German and Irish.

As a person who is ACTUALLY of Anglo Saxon descent, and not Germanic, I can see the difference plainly.

So about what Americans do, who knows.

I think a little research is in order. It’s not just white women who are involved with step families

Yeah I got with a mexican guy. He used to beat on me, and cheat on me and my mother told me that Mexican men do that and not to date them. I thought she was racist toward Mexicans, now I know she’s right.

Im bitter because of that. Im very bitter. Im not even going to let our son know he’s half Mexican. Im afraid that when he goes to school the other kids will try to make him a cholo or join la raza. Hell no !

So Im saying he’s greek.

A lot of people get divorced period. But I did notice when I was in school that my white friends all had step parents. When they learned my parents were still together they were shocked. Even though most black children are born out of wedlock, when black people do get married, they tend to stick it out. Maybe whites just don’t want to suffer a lifetime and decide to leave and remarry. IDK.

white men cheat way more
this is proven

how the media
at times does show some truth
not to mention studies

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