Do black Americans appreciate the white people who fought and died so they would not be slaves?

Do they appreciate the white people who have fought for their rights as Americans.

I think a LOT of thank you’s are in order, not just more whining and complaining.

…not to mention the white faces who walked with Dr. King. No – they don’t appreciate it and their spirit has turned into one of revenge. Dr. King would be sorely disappointed in what his black brothers and sisters have become.

Do us &quot:white&quot: (pinkish or tannish) people appreciate the blacks who fought and died so that we whities could be free? Do right-wing Conservative Republicans appreciate the Moderates and Liberals who were able to secure voting rights for women and persons of color so that they could participate in the political process in this country? Do the cult-evangelical religious extremists that control the Republican party appreciate our brave soldiers of all races who fought to uphold such constitutional freedoms as Separation of Church and State and our Civil Rights?

Just wonderin’…

It’s difficult for blacks to be thankful when the evidence of white altruism wasn’t made manifest until 1968 when Johnson passed the final of four civil rights bills. Until then, they didn’t have legal standing, let alone equality under the law.

Mr Wolf is correct in stating that the actual reason for Lincoln’s war of aggression wasn’t to free the slaves. That was the populist issue fabricated after the fact as boob bait for bubbas. The real reason Lincoln spilled the blood of Citizens in the sovereign southern states was to maintain a unified nation so we could stand against British militarist adventurism.

The reason the federal government is so slack concerning the Constitution is because Lincoln violated it with impunity. His precedent set the nation on the course of irresponsible and unresponsive federal government, which remains with us to this day.

Although we don’t discuss it, I am sure that my black friends are aware of and appreciate this, but there are a whole lot who feel some odd sense of entitlement that is out of touch. I don’t get it.

Black conservatives are thankful for black and white people who have died for their freedom.

Considering that we still treated them like slaves until the 1960’s I doubt it.

I hope so. I think about that all the time. I think we are each all lucky to be alive and have to carry on who we are now and carry on for the future.

There were many more reasons to the Civil War than just slavery.


Also slaves were granted their freedom if they agreed to fight for the South.

The Civil War was not fought to free the slaves. It would be more accurate to call it the War for Southern Independence.

We also learned the vast majority of the people that fought for the south were too poor to own slaves.

Poor troll attempt.

Your argument is that current blacks shouldn’t blame current whites for slavery, but they should thank current whites for something current whites didn’t do.

Should black Americans also thank those blacks that also died, or just whites?

Nice race baiting.

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