Christians: can you please go over the evidence of the bible being repulsive and give a logical explanation?

Everytime I ask a question on here about religion I always get some Christian completely IGNORING what I say about how it’s not making any since and telling me the devil is trying to take me to hell and I should go pray to god for the rest of my life blah blah blah.

If the bible is so right about everything why does it say homosexuals are sinful and go to hell. I know it seems in nature a man is meant to lie with a woman to produce babies. Why do Christians ALWAYS say that there is much more to love than sex and love and sex aren’t the same thing but at the same time go against homosexuality only because it wont produce babies. If it is really such a bad thing to not have babies than wouldn’t that mean people who don’t have sex at all are sinful people and should go to hell for not producing babies? Why should we go to hell for something we didn’t even choose? Can you answer this honestly? Do you think you can just go out and decide who you like and who you don’t like? If you see an attractive person you are programmed to see them and think they are attractive. I don’t mean programmed to have any sexual activities together I mean programmed to like people! I 100% do believe we control our actions even when it comes to homosexuality. We don’t control our feelings. If your about to answer this question telling me that we control our feelings and thoughts and as humans we make the choice to just FEEL what we want then why don’t I go around murdering millions of innocent people and tell them they made the choice to feel upset about it and to feel bad when they could’ve just not thought about it. In some cases people do make the choice to have thoughts about someone attractive. If you see someone that is not sexually attractive to you your mind is programmed to look at them and not feel any sexual feelings. So how can you expect a gay person to feel attracted to the opposite sex when their mind tells them who is attractive and who sin’t. I think sex is not something we go around and decide who we think is sexually attractive. It’s something in the mind that controls our body to feel so! Does this mean all the millions of gay people should go to hell for not being attracted to someone they don’t even like? If your gonna tell me that the human race would stop without straight sex than why don’t you tell me why we can’t adopt? There are so many millions of kids out there without parents that homosexuals could have and take care of instead of producing more and just increasing the population of unhappy children. Only a small percent of humans are programmed to be sexually attracted to members of the same sex so there are still enough straights in the world to handle that. If not having babies is such a bad thing why do I never see a Christian saying virgins go to hell for not having sex and producing kids? Isn’t that just as bad?

The next think I’ve been wandering about is the bible and sexism. Why does the bible always treat woman like a second class human? Woman was made AFTER man. Woman was only a small creation from MANS ribs because Adam was lonely even though he was in the middle of heaven with a bunch of angels and God. That sounds to me he was pretty much living it up there in the garden of Edan and than God just wants to give him more and more! Now a days you never see God giving humans that much respect that Adam got! I haven’t read this in the bible so I’m not 100% sure if it is true or not but I heard from multiple sources that the bible says a Woman has to keep quiet in a church and if she wishes to say something she has to ask her HUSBAND for permission first! Sounds to me like women are to stupid and weak and is just mans little play toy! Is that what God did? He made Eve Adam’s second partner? Eve SECOND in command and less than a man? Well sorry Christians but we are in the middle of the 21st century and it has been proven a woman is no less human or any less important than a man!

What about slavery? The bible says that if a man owns a slave he is more than welcome to beat or hit him if he doesn’t obey?!?! It is not a bad thing as long as the slave gets up within one or 2 days?! That is so stupid! I thought the bible says we should not judge and by that meaning we should not think of a eachother any less than a human but it supports slavery (man being owned and in control of another man)

Another thing I was kinda curious about is Noah.When God saw that humans were sinful he flooded the WHOLE WORLD and killed off everyone who sinned and put the people who listened to him on a big boat so they would survive but instead of taking them to heaven or making them a boat with all his power he FORCED them to build a boat from scratch. So according to the bible that was how it went. Reading this I was shocked when it was all over and then out of the blue God is sorry and feels bad for what he did and then he promises never to do it again! Than he saw all the humans go right back to sining just lik

Excellent question. And no, I don’t think you’re going to go to hell or any crap like that. But there IS a logical answer to your questions, and it basically comes down to a simple thing called CONTEXT. Like any written document, it is subject to contextualization. Nothing changes the fact that the Bible was written thousands of years ago! The world, at the time, was a different place than it is now. Slavery was acceptable. Women WERE second-class citizens. And homosexuality was considered by the Hebrew people who opposed it as a hindrance to their ability to multiply and survive in a hostile world. ALL of this was necessary because of how WE, human beings, chose to create our civilization, DESPITE God. Christians generally believe that God gave us free will (That, NOT sexism, is the reason for the Adam and Eve story) and this means that WE made the rules. Then God provided the Hebrew people with laws to protect them within the confines of those rules. He worked WITH us, rather than against us. And note the main message of the Old Testament: when the Hebrew people were violent and unruly, BAD THINGS HAPPENED TO THEM!

What you are doing wrong here, and don’t feel bad because a lot of Christians do it too, is cherry-picking the Bible and taking these passages out of context. That context CHANGES. Based on our beliefs, all this Old Testament stuff is exactly why Jesus came in the first place. The Christ story is all about washing sin away and freeing us from the laws that were originally necessary in order for the Hebrew people to survive. Instead, Jesus preached loving your neighbor. And the letters of Peter and Paul clearly express how we are free from earthly laws and should do what is generous, selfless, and right. Thus, comparatively speaking, the truth is that the early Christians were the earliest proponents of improved conditions for women and slaves, allowing both freedom and power within the church that they did not have in the Roman world. Paul and Peter both single out specific women and slaves that were teachers and leaders in the Church. As history has advanced, these issues have ebbed and flowed as civilization has changed, and this holds true Bible or no Bible. Blaming the Bible for injustice is inaccurate and short-sighted.

So that brings us up to today. There are, indeed, some close-minded Christians who use the Bible as an excuse to piss on homosexuals and oppress women. No doubt. But the vast majority of us actually do not do this. It is unfortunate that the more gentle and reasonable Christians are typically quiet, because they are good and moderate people. But from my experience, we are the majority. We believe that the Bible holds, as a WHOLE, universal truths that virtually anyone can agree with: it is better to give than to receive, love your neighbor as yourself, and even love your enemies. That is every bit as much a part of the Bible, more so because that is the conclusion and general theme of the Bible, than the cherry-picked Old Testament nonsense that simply is not relevant to our current historical context. That is not a knock on the Bible at all, but in my eyes merely proves its value. Times change, but the universal morality of the Bible remains true and appropriately malleable, even thousands of years later. Amazing.

So ultimately the problem is not the Bible. The problem is PEOPLE. There are people who hate women, homosexuals, and people of other races. They want an excuse. They cherry-pick the Bible to do it. If there was no Bible, they would still be this way, and would just use something else to &quot:prove&quot: their point. Unfortunately, it is just human nature and the price of free will. That is why Adam and Eve chose to pick the fruit–they wanted to control their lives. This is what happens. That is why Christians believe that Jesus came. He is the mediator between us and God that settles this issue: we are not perfect people, but through Jesus we are forgiven anyway. And anyone is welcome. Even you. 🙂

you are applying your own meanings to what the bible says

the bible does not say that women are inferior

God says exactly what is a sin

so then you must be saying that people who have sex with children are born that way and can not change.

So are people who choose to have sex with animals and other things are all born that way.

if not then why are people who want sex with the same sex are born that way and others are not born with their sexual desires?

since we all are of the same human race we neither all have our sexual desires born into us or we do not. we can not pick and choose and say one part of the race is while others are not.

it doesn’t matter if the others forms of sex are not consensual we are talking about sexual desires being predetermined. If it is true for one part of the species its true for all.

The irony is that the length of your post will get you self-righteous, vague answers from Christians.
I read 2/3 of your post and I agree with all of what you say. They will continue to self-rationalize. They will use an evil, intolerant doctrine to justify their ignorance.

One at a time. You cannot comment on the bible without first understanding it. The bible is the &quot:corporate minutes&quot: of Judaism and Christianity. Until you can formulate a question no one is going to be able to help you.

you’re not gonna get proper answers for a question SOOO long!!

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