POLL: Would you react like this?

******please read if you can!!!! :0 ******

So the situation is:
in the mornings at school, we cant talk at ALL, which is pretty fu*king dumb, PLUS we HAVE to read. so i was just getting my book out of my backpack when next to me on the table i saw a wrapper. i flicked the wrapper away, i guess because i wasnt thinking and just did it randomly. so it hit this one person, so i said, &quot:Oops sorry!!&quot: and one of the teachers watching us in the morning said to go stand at the wall. i was like *sigh* fiinneeee and went and stood there for like 10 minutes until they called us into the office. they wrote down our names and i was like, &quot:but i was just apologizing for accidentally flicking someone with a wrapper!&quot: he responded, &quot:i dont care even if you were, the rule is no talking, so NO TALKING AT ALL.&quot: i have a b-day party soon so i stopped myself from talking back to him, because if i get in any more trouble no party, so i just shut-up. then he said to me and the other people who had gotten in trouble, &quot:i would usually just call you all’s parents, but they told me to just write up anyone today.&quot: another sigh from me, this is JUST what i needed. so now i have a friggin’ saturday detention, where i have to copy the dictionary from 9am- 12. saturday detention for aploogizing for a flipped wrapper. woooo what a badas$ thing to get a saturday detention for, i mean, if im gonna get a detention, i might as well have cussed him out too, ya know?? and to top it off, they said if i dont come, ill get suspended. HECKS NAW. i really hate my school, :/
sorry for it being so long, i just really needed to vent this very dumb story. thanks if you answer. 🙂

oh so poll: Would you react like this, a) yes, b) no, or c) blow up the school……thank you!!!

Definitly C.
*bomb sizzles through air*
There they go!

*huge crash and school blows up*
There that should teach em



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