Help potty training my dog? Please!?

Ok so heres how it goes. my dogs like almost 2 and he still has problems. We take him out and whenever he poops outside he gets a treat. Hell poop, eat his treat, and poop inside and want another. I dont think he gets where and where not to poop. He gets it for a while and then forgets and poops inside. For example , he wont poop for a month then hell start pooping again. Hes getting old and i need to fiox his problem. What should i do?

Crate Training:
You must be willing to invest time and energy for just a few short weeks in housetraining. The effort you put in now will last for the rest of your pet’s life.
The crate training method is as follows. Buy a crate and for the first 3 to 4 weeks keep your puppy in it when you are not with him. Make sure the crate is not too big. It should be large enough for the puppy’s bed, but no larger. Dogs do not want to soil their bed and the use of a crate teaches them to control their urge to eliminate. You must maintain an eagle eye at all times. As soon as you see him pacing, sniffing around, and turning in circles, immediately take him outside. He is telling you &quot:I am going to go pee pee somewhere, and this carpet looks like as good a place as any.&quot: NO, you do not have time to put on your shoes, just go.
Be patient and do not rush the little guy. He may have to go several times in one &quot:pit stop.&quot: Give him about 10 minutes before taking him back inside. Do not play with him while you are on this mission. Let him know this is a business trip.
Make sure you take him out after every meal and play session BEFORE you put him back in his crate. Be consistent and establish a schedule. Pay attention to your puppy’s behavior so you can develop a schedule that works for you and the pup. When does your puppy naturally defecate? In the morning? 10 minutes after eating? Around bedtime? You may have to make some compromises.
Be fair to your puppy. He cannot be expected to stay alone in his crate for endless hours and not relieve himself. During your work days, you will need to have someone go to your home at least once (lunch time is good) to let the puppy out. Take him for a long walk. Your dog is not a fish and he needs something to occupy his mind.
Make sure everyone who is involved in the housebreaking process is using the same spot in the yard and the same word. Everyone should agree on the place they will take the puppy. The odor from the previous visits will cause the puppy to want to go in that spot. Use a simple word like &quot:outside&quot: when taking your puppy to the chosen spot. Use this word consistently and later this word will help build communication between the family and the dog. When you notice him going toward the door and you say &quot:outside&quot: he can say &quot:Yup, that’s where I need to go,&quot: or, &quot:Forget it. I am getting back up on the couch for some shut eye.&quot:
Until your puppy is about 5 months old you will need to take him out frequently and keep that eagle eye on him. But before you know it, you are going to be able to trust and communicate with your new pet. And he will learn that when he pleases you by going out to do his business, he gets more freedom in the house.
Paper Training:
If your puppy is a breed that stays small and it is going to be an indoor pet, you may want to try paper training. Place layered newspaper in the corner away from the feeding and water dishes. After meals take the puppy to the newspaper. Each time the puppy eliminates, change the top layer of newspaper and leave the bottom layer. Puppies like to go where they smell urine and feces and will start to prefer the newspaper over any other spot.
Remain consistent. Do not allow your puppy to do something one day and not the next. This will confuse him. Never leave an untrained puppy unattended in the house. Make your dog understand what is expected of him. Dogs want to please. Always praise your dog for good behavior. No form of physical punishment is as effective as praise and encouragement.
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Firstly..stop with the treats. The dog thinks he is getting a treat for pooping…not for where he does it. Secondly you have to be consistent and train his body…his mind will then follow. When he eats you must take him outside and walk him around….dogs poop while they walk. They find an interesting smelling place and do it there. You have to take him out EVERY TIME he eats. Secondly you have to neutralize the smell of where he has pooped inside. I know you have cleaned it but you need to remove the smell which can get into things like carpet and wood. Ask the vet what you can use to get rid of the smell. This is because if the urge takes the dog he will go where he has gone before. If you see him beginning to poop inside put on a stern loud voice and say NO and take him straight outside.

i have a dog that forgot her training when we moved… I put her back in her crate. If you do not crate, then when you are home with him, take a leash and tie him to you. He can’t sneak away and have an accident when he’s stuck to you. Go back to the basics. Take him out every few hours and try to prevent accidents. Contiue to reward the good behavior. If he has an accident in the house (wich shouldn’t happen because he should be under constant watch) interupt him in the act and take him outside. if you miss him doing it, don’t waste ur time punishing him. Get a newspaper and hit urself over the head.

Make sure you clean up any messes with an enzymatic cleaner so he doesn’t think that inside is his &quot:spot&quot:

I know how frustrating it is. Keep with it. Some dogs are still puppies until they are three or four. He needs to finish growing up!

The first step would be to ask if you let the dog free feed – or if you set down his meals at set times. A dog that is fed at set meal times gets a pattern to when they eliminate and you and he will both get into a rhythm.

The second step is to choose a word that you want to use when you want him to toilet. We use &quot:toilet&quot: but I know people with assistance dogs who use &quot:busy&quot:. Everytime he eats, wakes up, or drinks take him outside on a lead and take him to the spot where you want him to toilet. Say your command and stay with him. If he toilets repeat your word and praise him. If he doesn’t toilet don’t punish him – take him back inside. If he is sniffing lots or starts to squat interrupt him and take him outside on the lead.

You will need to persist with this. If he has not shown any signs of improvement take him to a vet and have him checked – he may actually have something wrong with him medically. Crate training is also an option, but remember that the crate must become a safe den space for him – it is not a punishment tool.

Good luck.

You probably need to give your dog a little more time to finish his business, before you let him back into the house. I have two dogs and one takes quite a bit longer to finish up than the other, because she’s picky where she wants to go. Also you might want to write down your dogs feeding and eliminating habit and look for a pattern. Watch his body language closely as well and make sure you use something in your house that will eliminate the scent of his mishaps so he doesn’t mistake spots in your house for his potty ground.

I never had a problem with a male pooping in the house it’s that hiking that leg that was hard to break You think they don’t pee in the house they’ll hide from you and hike that leg and want realize until your furniture starts smelling. My Aunt told me my male has never ever hiked his leg in the house or any ones. She brought him over the first thing he did was hike that leg on the closed front door and I didn’t have dog so he didn’t smell where another dog had been . He went behind my couch and hiked it again, I never seen any male dog that is completely house broke. I have a yellow lab 2 times as a puppy she peed the floor and I scold her and never again and my female Yorkie Poo is completely house broken, That is why I like after their spade a female dog for myself. I’m talking about a dog kept indoors.

potty training dog

if she’s trained to go outside, just pick the door she’s going to go out and take her there on a regular basis for the first few weeks. if you catch her going inside tell her no and take her outside immediatly. you are at first going to have to go outside with her and make sure she’s going potty and then praise her for it. she will eventually get the point she needs to go to that door to be let out. also keeping her on a regular schedule will help you know better when she needs to go potty.

well u should take him outside normal like you do if he doesn’t poop its OK , now inside your house you should put dog pampers on the floor dats how i have it for my dogs just in case they doesn’t wanna poop outside .they sell those pamper anywhere , but still make sure to train him to poop outside put if one of those mistakes happen where he forgets hell poop on the pamper.. i think it works until he gets really adapted and stops forgetting

I think, you should walk your dog the same time everyday. and yes, stop the treats, when my dog goes, I cheer him on, &quot:good boy, ya, ya, good boy&quot:, and I clap. also, when you clean up after your dog, he should be there in the room with you, watching your action, and you should talk to him during this activity, he needs to hear the change in tone in your voice. the difference between a pleasant tone when he does something well, and the tone when you are upset. Not screaming and hollering. just the change in tone.

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