Would a 302 engine fit in a 1969 mustang?

I am wondering if a 1981 ford 302 engine would work in a 1969 mustang?

What is it out of, Mustang didn’t offer a 302 in ’81,they used the small 255..4.2 with only 120 hp…Your 250-six is a better engine..

&quot:Following the second oil crisis in 1979, the 302 cu in (4.9 L) was dropped in favor of a new 4.2 L (~256 cu in) V8 due to its better fuel economy. It was the only V8 offered in 1980 and 1981&quot:

Yes , but why ?

A 1981 motor is low compression with little horsepower .

Any 302/5.0 will bolt in .

A 351w or 351c will bolt up to the 302 tranny but the motor mount brackets are different .

If you have a 6 cylinder in it now you will need to change the motor mount brackets anyway , and the four lug suspension is weak .

ever hear of the 302 BOSS – the freeze plugs on that engine are solid.if you find one they’re worth some bucks. as long as your not just sporting a match box it will fit.

yes, it should bolt in, depending on whats already there. If the motor is out of a truck, you might have problems getting the accessory drives to clear everything else already there, so measure carefully before taking everything apart.

Yes same basic engine was offered in 69, should bolt right in…..if you have a 69 v8 car….6 cylinder cars were different…

use the manifolds, intake and carb, and ignition from the 69 for the easiest swap……

NO, it’s the same width as the Boss 429 and Ford had to send them out to Kar Kraft to have the engine bay widened for it to fit..


of course!! its the original stock motor in that car!!

yes easily.


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