SURVEY: On average, how many questions can a person answer in an hour if they give &quot:good&quot: answers?

Not those 3 word answers like SOME people like to give… actually useful answers, please!

It all depends on what a &quot:good&quot: answer is. In questions such as &quot:How many points do you need to reach Level 2?&quot: You can give a good answer that’s a few words long, &quot:You need 250 points.&quot: If you answer these type of questions often, you can answer around 30-40 in 1 hour.

If you’re talking about more controversial questions, (like the ones posted in Religion &amp: Spirituality) then it’s going to take more time to answer 1 question, since it’s more about opinion and beliefs rather than giving the &quot:right&quot: answer. You usually need several paragraphs to answer one question in that section. In this case, I would only be able to answer about 5-10 questions in one hour.

I hope this is a &quot:good&quot: answer to your question =)

People that answer in the simple ways as yes or no, or like u said just a few words are not thinking things out. They just want points. I am a thinker and only answer things that i might have an answer for. This one…well maybe 3. You have to think about the question and give an answer that people may be helped. I am sure I will get a lot of thumbs down, but that is not what it is all about. Plus it takes me awhile to type. I am not the fastest person out there. Hope you like what I just said. I like sharing my inner thoughts with others

Well if most of the questions were not Redundant and new ones we would be challenged and offered more chances to give good answers.

Well that’s sorta unfair, I just hang out in this section. There are probably some Scientific questions that we can answer from what we’ve learned in school or pull the reference from a reliable source.

Within an hour, good challenging questions – about 10 to 15. That’s giving about 6 minutes average to answer.those type of questions.

I think the average might only be about 6. There are some which involve research that may take 10-15 minutes from open to submit.
Others like this one may take less than 5 minutes, and that could bring you up to 12 an hour.
Cheat sheet answers may boost your rate a little more.

Much will depend upon connection speed.

There is either something wrong with my maths, or that of some of the others.

I can’t u begin to think, but if it takes 30 seconds to construct an informative but short answer then you could probably answer about 120 in a hour.

However, if you are looking to be giving REALLY good answers then you may have to take a minute an answer, so that would get you 60.

So, i think that in a hour, you could get ABOUT 100 answers done, maybe 20 of them could be best answer.

That’s my theory anyway, but I’ll let you blow me away with some record breaking facts from the F&amp:R workshop…

I manage about 20 -25, but some users have so many points in a day they must certainly answer at least 200. They will have to be on a high level though as a low level user is limited.

About 15 really great answers is all I can give. I over extend myself to some people just because I really like the question but otherwise I feel all my answers are really helpful.

If I think hard about, and research, answers…I’d go with only 4 – 5 in an hour’s time. By then I’m generally drained, and either quit or head to P&amp:S to take it easy.

I would say about 20-25…taking about three minutes to answer the questions.

If they truely give a useful answer, the time does not matter.
An answer can be fullfilled with one sentence, if it is correct.
However, it shouldn’t one’s main concern to take a long time to answer, wouldn’t that be considered bragging? All that matters is that the answer is clear, and precise. No matter how lengthy, or how long it takes to answer.

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