Suicide… please read the details before answering?

ok suicide is just terrible the fact that someone can be so tormented/ bullied enough to want to end there life

but i have another view and lots of people get angry at me for thinking about this other possibility
please do not have a go at me just consider this and tell me if you have ever considered this before

wouldn’t you rather want a choice when you want to die than have it all taken away from you and never get the chance to say goodbye or tell anyone you love them.

please im not going to commit suicide i was just wondering has anybody ever thought about this alternative?

On the one hand, yes, I agree with you. Especially if someone is terminally ill, then they should have the right to choose to end their suffering, and by extension, their life.

The main problem with what you are suggesting is that if someone who isn’t terminally ill decides to commit suicide just because they want to say goodbye to everyone – how do they decide when to do it? They might cut their life extremely short.

Additionally, sometimes people commit suicide because they can’t see any other way, when there is one. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. No matter what psychological issues anyone has, suicide is never the way to sort them out.

My best friend’s Mum committed suicide when we were 10 years old. We’re both now 20 and I’ve watched her grow up into the most amazing young woman. But every time she smiles, I can still see the pain in her eyes and the hurt that her Mum caused her by cutting her life far too short. No one should ever have to go through that.

There’s a time for everything in life. And before we know it, life’s over anyway. Why would anyone (excluding terminally ill people) want to speed up that process? Life’s a rollercoaster and at the end of the day, you’ve just got to ride it.

This is coming from a person who has had a brother follow through with suicide. Through much thought and research, I have come to the conclusion that suicide may not be a selfish act after all but we family members might be selfish to think that a troubled soul should go on living so that we will not suffer. Do not get me wrong, I suffer tremendously from the loss of my brother. Guilt abides on a daily basis. But to ask him to live a troubled and painful life so that I won&amp:#x27:t suffer is selfish. Accept it for what it is. Don&amp:#x27:t judge the deceased, and try to get on with your life. The last part of my sentence is something I am still working on but I do not refer to my brother as neither selfish nor a coward. Just a soul that said enough is enough!

If you’ve been diagnosed with a painful terminal illness i think then yes an individual should have the right to choose when and where they die,anything else is a cop out.
Theres always help out there,one must seek it out.Life is precious and should be made the most of.
Theres also family,friends,all the people around that individual that love and care for them.Even if a person feels that they are alone,theres always someone,somewhere and no one knows whats round the corner.

I think you kinda know when you’re about to die and have a chance to say goodbye before anyway.
And if you really had someone you really had to say goodbye to, I don’t think you’d be committing suicide in the first place. You commit suicide when you’ve decided it really can’t get any worse, but definitely won’t get any better. Some people act irrationally and without thought though.

It’s a personal choice, but it is discouraged because it is often made for the wrong reasons. You can’t undo it. When people consider it, they are normally too depressed to see straight.

That’s what those euthanasia clinics are for. It’s like a place you can go for a peaceful assisted suicide. They don’t just kill anyone who walks in, though. They have to make sure they are doing the right thing.

well yes and no

yes i would want a chance to say goodbye to everyone but no i wouldnt want to intentionally leave them
also no cause it would mean sumtin really horrible would have to happen to me to even consider goin thru wif suicide
maybe if i had a disease or sumtin and i knew i was gonna die then yes.
I have thought about suicide before but im just a kid and would neva go through wif it

very interesting question!

You do have a point, i would like to say goodbye when i dye and i want to not dye in my sleep, but i dont want to dye in pain, so what other way is there to dye? lol (except suicide)
I would never think or even want to do suicide, i feel so sorry for the young ones at my age killed or even do suicide!

Just because you commit suicide doesn’t mean you have been bullied/tormented.

If you commit suicide you obviously don’t care enough about your loved ones to want to say goodbye, if you are willing to put them through that.

You have a good point. But if you were to commit suicide, maybe there is no one to say &quot:i love you&quot: to.

Yeah, suicide is a tricky subject, always depending on the individuals situation.

No i’ve never really thought about this as no one close to me has committed suicide.

Ending your life on your own is in my mind kinda stupid. I would rather die from old age or even a disease. I could never think of harming myself like that no matter how bad my life might get.

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