need advice for first date (16/17 year old)?

So I finally got this really great girl in my school to go on a date with me. I can’t believe it – I never thought I could go out with someone as great as her. But I need some advice on how to make this date as great as possible.

.we have spoke quite a bit before: we met a couple months ago, have some of the same friends, and have hung out during breaks.
.I’m pretty sure she likes me already… she seemed eager wen i asked her out, she seemed to keep dropping me hints to ask her out before i did, etc.
.unfortunately, we are going to the cinema (always difficult to break the ice there)
.I don’t really want to kiss her on the first date… I want to take things slow, and she seems like the type who does, too
.Im 17 and shes 16

any advice would be greatly appreciated

just make her know you like her so that she feels loved: e.g. arm around, holding hands, be the perfect gentleman and buy her popcorn and hold the door open for her- the little things are important 🙂

After the movie maybe you can go for a walk somewhere or get dessert. That would be a nice way to get to talk some. Don’t worry about kissing goodnight. You can give her a hug and let her know you had a great time. Follow up by calling her or texting a lot. Calls are better because they’re a bit more personal. The main thing is that if you are in to her she will need to know that by lots of communication afterward. It’s usually best if the guy takes the lead on that one because it lets the girl know your true feelings and the speed of things. If you say you will call make sure you give a time when you will (like such and such a day) and follow through if you mean it. Otherwise just simply stick to I had fun tonight.

Alright dude, first and foremost: make it the best.

In the past, I’ve regretted not living moments to the fullest and not taking full advantage of life..

Anyways enough of that.

What’s the problem?
It’s a first date!

It should be casual, getting to know eachother, laughing, nothing too serious.

Movies on a first date is pretty cliche.

Please please please tell me that you plan on taking her somewhere either before and/or after the movies!

Ah this is becoming nonsense.

Time for advice..
Have a good hygiene.
Don’t be sweaty, oily, greasy, stinky, whatever, etc.
Girls hate that.
Oh, and when you’re talking to her, make sure you don’t spray it.
Trust me, we don’t think we spray it sometimes but really, we do.
And make sure you’re sucking on a mint or something because gum is nasty and makes your breath stink after chewing it for too late.

Be a gentlemen…

Have fun

k too long

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Take her for some food first. Just fast food is good enough for first date. Then you can talk, chat, laugh, etc
Show interest in her. Ask lots of questions! And when talking to her look her in the eye so it shows your really listening.
Plus small non cheesy compliments are great! like she looks really nice tonight or her hair looks great! But dont’ go over board!
All n all have fun and be your self 🙂

Whoa. That’s a very rare relationship. Most girls do go after older guys. I wouldn’t worry too much though unless your state has laws against 18 year olds dating minors like mine does. Just keep an eye on him.

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Until she has a reason to care about what you think of her, you’re just another random guy asking her the same questions every other random guy asks her. One thing we teach on Love Systems bootcamps is to tell her (or better, show her) something interesting about yourself first. When she gets curious about you, she will start with the questions.

This is especially important in terms of how to get beautiful women. Hotter women usually get approached more and have less tolerance for the usual “random guy” questions.

It is a great idea to meet up before the movie to have a good conversation or maybe meet her somewhere and walk to the movies. But during the movie, I would never take a girl there on a first date. But someone said hold their hand at the movies it might be a good idea and when you take her home give her a hug. Girls love hugs.

The only advice I have, and I’m not being sarcastic, is to not be a douche. A lot of guys get nervous and inexplicably make up for the fact that they have nothing to say with saying douche-esq things.

Other than that, I wish you good luck. =)

Well you can save the tongue for later, but double dates are great if you have friends who are a couple. Go to mini golf and then for a walk along water somewhere


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