Isn’t it interesting how the word &quot:politics&quot: is made up of the words &quot:poli&quot: meaning &quot:many&quot: in Latin, and &quot:tics

If only politicians were people who actually had any power to do something more than twiddle about with marginal facts &amp: figures, maybe more of us would find someone worth voting for: At the end of the day, they’re all beholden to rich people – their only purpose is to support the idea that someone’s running the show, when in reality, they’re just filling their pockets and feeding their ego’s on a power-trip. They make me sick: look at Gorden Brown – a (supposedly) Labour PM, inviting the EVIL Thatcher to no10, and then Norman Tebbit no less, singing Brown’s praises – It just shows what a conniving set of B’s they truly are – they’ll do anything to get in power. No politician can really be trusted: perhaps Polileach might be an equally appropriate term?

well, breaking up a word into parts isnt always the best way to understand it’s roots. try this: The word &quot:politics&quot: comes from the Greek word &quot:О ОїО»О№П„О№ОєО¬&quot: (politika), modeled on Aristotle’s &quot:affairs of state&quot:, the name of his book on governing and governments, which was rendered in English mid-15 century as Latinized &quot:Polettiques&quot:.[4] Thus it became &quot:politics&quot: in Middle English c. 1520s (see the Concise Oxford Dictionary). The singular &quot:politic&quot: first coined in English 1430 and comes from Middle French &quot:politique&quot:, in turn from Latin &quot:politicus&quot:,[5] which is the romanization of the Greek &quot:ПЂОїО»О№П„О№ОєПЊП‚&quot: (politikos), meaning amongst others &quot:of, for, or relating to citizens&quot:, &quot:civil&quot:, &quot:civic&quot:, &quot:belonging to the state&quot:, [6] in turn from &quot:ПЂОїО»ОЇП„О·П‚&quot: (polites), &quot:citizen&quot:[7] and that from &quot:ПЂПЊО»О№П‚&quot: (polis), &quot:city&quot:.[8] it’s like saying the bible is actually referring to 2 balls.. &gt:_&gt: but yeah i get what you’re saying haha. politics is messy and full of deception.

Its also interesting that this is one of the dictionary definitions of Tory &quot:(in the 17th century) a dispossessed Irishman who resorted to banditry &quot: – More crooks!

If you’re going to run this same tired, old piece of garbage through for yet one more time, at least get it right. ‘Poli’ does NOT mean ‘many’ in Latin.

I thought it was made up of &quot:po&quot: meaning chamber pot and &quot:litics&quot: meaning lice. Maybe I’m thinking of the police.

It’s Strange, but i can’t see that being a deliberate thing ^^

hahaha very funny

if the shoe fits,lol. many bloodsucking people. sounds right on to me. thanks.

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