irish,english,and scotsman?

irish english and scots man in a pub discussing their wives english man says my wife is so stupid she just bought a car and cant drive scotsman says thats nothing my wife has just built a swimming pool and cant swim paddy pipes up and says you think thats bad my wife has gone to greece with 50 condoms and doesnt even have a ****

Very good.

Irishman,englishman,and scotsman go into a bar and the barman says &quot:is this some kind of joke?&quot:

guess i’m a stupid english girl – can’t work out original jike.


I don’t get it unless all the words are there.That missing word could be wardrobe for all i know. I was joking but still got a thumbs down from the trolls.

LOL! I have to deduct -1 for me for taking 2 seconds to decipher what &quot:****&quot: was , but once i got it – it’s FUNNY! haha!

Btw- What’s the difference between the Rolling Stones , and a Scotsman?

A: Rolling Stones sing &quot:Hey You , get off of my cloud!&quot: , and a Scotsman says &quot:Hey Mcleoud, get off of my ewe!&quot: HAHA!

Excellentti thats pure class
loved it babe
ill need to remember that one

Rude but funny

that’s funny, have a star

hahahahaha!!very good…starred.

very good, like it!

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