how to become a famous author?

i want to make books, movies, and own a Entertainment studio when i grow up and i want to start off with writing books first. (PLEASE NO JOKES THIS IS SERIOUS).

You have to write several books that people want to read, if you want to be &quot:famous.&quot: Just one won’t do it. To do that, you have to practice writing every day. You need to read widely and deeply, not just in the genres you’re interested in. You have to study the Craft–spelling, punctuation, grammar, storytelling, etc. You can’t just sit down one day and decide to write a bestseller. If you’re faking it, if you’re not passionate about what you’re writing? That will come through in your prose, and no one will want to read it. Trust me.

Keep in mind that most writers do not sell the first novel they write. Or the second. It takes time, dedication, perseverance, and rhino skin. And most writers do not make a living by writing.

You have to write things people like to read. Unfortunately, most people these days have the taste of a three-year-old in literature. If you’re only in it for the fame, I suggest you write material for the teenage population, and add a little romance, if not the whole thing being centered around a romance. However, fame as an author isn’t easily attained: you just have to luck out. And the chances of you becoming a famous author…especially considering your usage of grammar in the question you asked, is slim to none.

I agree with Rachel.
The funny thing is, you may think you’re being serious, but you aren’t being serious.
If you were serious about writing, you would do it because it’s what you love to do. Think about this: The majority of published authors don’t make enough from writing to support themselves. And you plan to make movies and own an entertainment studio from writing books?
If your dream is to write books, then don’t plan on becoming famous. If your dream is to be famous, then don’t plan on doing it by writing books.

there are various routes. For Stephen King, it meant coaching college jointly as residing in a trailer park and sending in articles to magazines jointly as writing novels on a beat up typewriter on a infant’s table. He have been given hundreds of rejections he hung on a spike on the wall. For Nicholas Sparks, it grew to become into approximately somebody plucking The laptop out of a slushroom and giving it a 2nd risk. For others, it is approximately understanding somebody and getting a break. For others, you bypass to a pitch convention and spend the day talking to agent after agent attempting to persuade somebody to take heed to you. nevertheless others deliver dozens and dozens of question letters till they capture somebody’s eye. For some, it happens very as we communicate. Others spend years and years. in case you’re engaged on short thoughts, my ultimate advice is this. attempt to get them into anthologies. they’ll earn you from 0 to approximately 25 dollars a tale, besides the undeniable fact that it gets your call available and gets you spotted. Many authors take that course. and extremely some post thoughts in anthologies even whilst they have revealed powerful books. I even have 2 thoughts in an anthology now it is elevating funds for brand spanking new Orleans libraries. I used a sparkling pseudonym for them. And in basic terms like that, certainly one of them has somebody attracted to doing a action picture therapy of one of them. it is expertise, it is success, it is who you already know. i do no longer understand – perhaps it is even the alignment of the stars. yet despite the fact that it incredibly is, it is out of your administration different than for the expertise and perseverance areas. grow to be your own ultimate recommend. Push your self confusing. Pax-C

To be perfectly honest, most people who become renowned writers don’t start off with the goal of becoming famous. they write because it is what they love to do… and also to feed themselves and pay the bills… but people who are good writers are good because they have passion…

If your goal is to become famous, I honestly have to say you’ll have a lot of trouble getting there…

write stuff that is really good, with an interesting plot that makes sense and isn’t corny.

You could start by capitalizing and work from there 🙂

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