Has anybody changed their destiny ? Can you change your destiny (through prayer)?

If you are destined for something, but pray to God to change your destiny, is this possible ?

What is prevailing prayer ?


You don’t have to pray. As a Catholic I believe that we can make choices that impact our future. We have no destiny, only that which we make for ourselves. God gives us talents and determination to achieve certain goals, but he only is there to guide us on our way to him. We make our own futures with the assistance and guidance of God.

Ya know….I’ve wondered if a given name to a kid has something to do with the way the kid grows up. Like you name a little boy Harold and you kind of expect him to grow up not so extroverted. I say this because my step-dad was named Harold and was called that his whole life. Except I was the only one that ever called him Harry. And I called him that until the day that he passed. But he was a quite man and thought about things probably more through than someone with the name of Skip. Of course I am really just putting all of this name thing with an overkill. So to tell ya the truth…hmmmmmm. There have been many stars that have changed their name and ‘made’ it. Only because it was easier to either say their name or it was ‘snappy’. Good question.

Mr. Mugger
I am a Muslim and I can explain what is written in
the holy Curran with respect to prayers:-
(( God answers the heartfelt prayers of true believers))
So in simple answer form
&quot:Yes you can&quot:
Your Muslim friend

Destiny doesn’t exist and prayer is useless

yes, praying can change your destiny because it will turn to to a lazy superstitious person who never does anything because he just prays for it

You’ll never know either way. If we assume &quot:fate&quot: exists (which I don’t think it does) you won’t be able to tell if it is the original &quot:path&quot: or not.

I changed my destiny the day I accepted the truth of Jesus Christ. The only prayer I have is to understand and abide in Gods will. Proverbs 19:29 God Bless

hahahahaha. How would I know, eh.

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