E.U. vs. U.S. ? Which is better?

If we compare two comparable &quot:&quot:Countries&quot:&quot:, the European Union and the United States. The EU produces a higher GDP (Gross Domestic Product) – They make more money. If you take a look at GNH (Gross National Happiness), they are also better. the GNH is based on:
– Economic Wellness
– Environmental Wellness
– Physical Wellness
– Mental Wellness
– Workplace Wellness
– Social Wellness
– Political Wellness

There economy is not that much stronger but stronger – Here are the categories where they are beating us:

– Higher Currency
– Energy (Renewable mostly)
– Infrastructure (Train, Plane, Roads etc…)
– Regional Development
– Better Environment
– Education

They are working towards putting all the countries into states like we have here. Very few of the 27 countries are declared Socialist. All of them have a left view compared to America. Everybody has health care, a better education. I love my country and wouldn’t go anywhere else but they are killing us. I am sorry but when I hear Obama speak, I hear him going that way – The way that works. Don’t you think so?

A Sovereign United States of America IS THE BEST on EARTH !!!

Obama Sheople are all about Change and Hope !! .. They can NOT explain what that REALLY means, but they are for it !!

For those who understand, no explanation is needed.
For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.

What we DO know .. IS … By the time that JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama allows Bush’s Tax Cuts to expire … ALL Taxes will go back to what they were BEFORE the cuts – EVERYONES !!!!

How does JUNIOR U.S. Senator plan on paying for ALL of HIS campaign promises AND finance HIS Global Poverty Act (S.2433) ???


In the Primaries, CURRENT Democratic VP Nominee – – SENIOR U.S. Senator Biden . . . SAID that JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama is – NO WHERE NEAR READY to LEAD America !!!

I have seen and heard enough of what JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama wants to DO TO America !!! . . . Enough to know that HIS ideas and policies for America are NOT GOOD FOR America !!!

MORE than half of ALL TRUE Americans know that JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama, with 143 DAY of ACTUAL WORK experience as a JUNIOR U.S. Senator, AND NO EXECUTIVE Management Experience, .. is NOT ANY WHERE NEAR READY to be OUR President of the United States of America !!!

The MAIN, bad idea of Obama, that I believe ALL True Americans should research and READ is .. Obama’s Global Poverty Act (S.2433) which will surrender America’s sovereignty to the United Nations !!

I .. HAVE .. and .. WILL .. Vote for the BEST person for the job !!

JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama is NOT the Best person to be THE President of THE United States of America !!!

Why would WE want ANYONE that does not have ANY mangerial experience to TRY to be THE President of THE United States of America ???

Can YOU get over the FACT that JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama IS going to turn over the sovereignty of the United States to the United Nations ???

ALL … TRUE Americans need to READ the Global Poverty Act (S.2433) !!!

JUNIOR U.S. Senators TRY to Legislate !!!

JUNIOR U. S. Senator Obama did NOT complete his FIRST term in office !!
… with just 143 days of ACTUAL experience
… HE decided
… that he DESERVED to be THE President of THE United States of America !!!
JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama, the Unions, and the Democrats are sending messages to big business to downsize in America and send more jobs to foreign countries.

Brilliant ideas from JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama, the Democrats and the Unions (SARCASM) !!!!
MOST JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama Supporters do NOT care about his ideals and policies … they JUST WANT AN AFRICAN AMERICAN as President !!!

I have NO problem voting for an African American or a woman or any other minorty as long as they are the BEST PERSON for the position !!!

JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama is NOT the BEST person to be OUR President of THE United States of America !!
JUNIOR U.S. Senator Obama is ANTI-American.

WE NEED to start doing the &quot:REPORT ABUSE&quot: Button on the ABUSIVE Obama Supporters for EVERY LITTLE … POSSIBLE … Violation, like they do to the rest of the people on here !!!!


The US. I didn’t read and don’t care to read your long question.


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