Doesn’t it bother conservatives even a little all the damage Bush has done to this country?

Is party loyalty that important? Next year all incumbent repugs will be gone as well as your fearless chimp leader, are you ok with that too?

what you have failed to realize (and what really worries me) is that some think he hasn’t done any damage at all.

Granted there are those that just think he’s done more good than harm…. but not all.

properly actual conservatives might desire to brush aside Bush because of the fact he grew to become into no longer and is no longer conservative. He very much larger the national government and lied whilst campaigning enacting rules opposite to what he claimed his positions have been. he’s a neo-con, zionist, globalist scum-bag. Republicans who help Bush are actually not conservatives. they’re neo-cons and conflict mongers who do no longer relatively have conservative political positions. Neo-cons are actually not conservative. because of the fact the Congress is ruled by skill of zionist warmongering globalist scum luggage too and haven’t any pastime in letting the typical public in on what truly exceeded off on 9/11. The 9/11 fee that grew to become into set-up misled the typical public as plenty because of the fact the Warren fee related to JFK.

Well it is nice that you have picked a side on things. Do you really think the answers come form the liberals? What is best for America is best for America and it will come in one form or another, but it will always be moderate. Most Americas are moderates and not extremist so I have no idea how you can let the liberal media twist you views on politics. There are issues we are all conservative and other we are liberal on. Don’t get caught up in the slanderous natural that makes you sound like a liberal extremists. Labels are a bad thing these days. Under the circumstances I think we have been lucky these past eight years. I don’t feel like the Democrats know or are even willing to do what it takes to defend this country. That comes from a middle of the road view.

Do you seriously think the Democrats will do a better job?

I am very disappointed with Bush, he has spent more and given more weight to the leaders of Mexico then the citizens of his own country.

But the Damage that has been done, has been done with the Democrats in complicity. In Fact the places I see the most damage done are the places where he acted most like a Democrat. (i.e. Immigration and Spending).

So if we really want to see the ‘Damage’ undone, we have no choice but to find a true Republican, so we can get this country back on the right course and resolve the issues most Americans find important.

Have you ever looked at the approval rating of any 2 term president entering his last year (including Clinton of course)? How about the approval rating of Congress, you got to be kidding right? A simple message in both polls is American people are getting fed up with all of the partisian crap.
What specific damage? Poorly managing the Iraq war, I could see the point of view? Lots of illegal immigrants? Tax cuts that got the U.S. through a recession and 9/11?

Giouliani, or however you spell his name, all the way.

Loyalty is important, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Yeah, Bush did stir up a hornets nest, but sitting here bashing him isn’t making any progress. You can sit here and watch people hate on Bush all day, but one thing you won’t see is a plan after the bashing. It’s easy to be a critic.

Let Clinton win her party or Obama, but a democrat will not be in office.

All the dems thought that when the dems claimed control of congress, that it would be great, but look at the appoval rating of Congress. ???? no comment???

I could trade insult for insult but that would solve nothing. As for party loyalty I have no clue who to vote for. They all stink. Think I will just stay home and watch the mess. All of the candidates are saying what the people want to hear but just like the Congress will do exactly as they please. It all comes down to who can lie the best. I am very disenchanted with this whole election coming up, my puppy should run, at least she is cute.

The country is doing OK so Kwitcherbellyakin! Had Gore won the election in 2000, Osama bin Laden would be the President by now.

You are not interested in an answer. This is not a question, but a statement designed to bring out anger by conservatives or joy by liberals.

Why don’t you grow up and learn how to debate real issues rather than making absurd statements that will bring nobody closer to the truth.

maybe you should check some bank accounts and see how much GOOD he has done to some conservatives and many other people who has done sooo much really hard work, who performed magic just to get him into the white house and to keep him there.
after aaaall what history has thought us, i do not get it, how anyone can be so naive to believe that politics are made for the people like you and me.

PS. regerugg… i do not agree that US has the best economics in the world. It sounds more then just contra-verse, to say that about a country with the biggest depths in the world.
old scout… good idea, why not a saudi for president??? They’ve managed their desert pretty well, and they seem to know how to make their own people wealthy…. US would only gain.

Haven’t you seen the polls. Bush’s approval ratings are horribly low. And these include the opinions of Republicans as well as Democrats, Independents, and member of other parties. And I believe the Republican party has basically asked Bush to stay away from the campaigns. The Republicans are well aware of the horrible job Bush. But as a member of the Republican party, he will maintain a certain level of support just through party loyalty.

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