Did Netanyahu deserve the cold reception by Obama yesterday.?


I think so. Building settlements in a place where if a two-state solution was to be resolved, East Jerusalem would be part of the capital of the Palestinians. I’m VERY VERY surprised Obama took a tough stance on this seeing how Decades our policies have been pro-Israelis and anti-palestinian No matter what. Then the pressure put on by AIPAC the Israeli Lobby (btw is not even registered as a foreign agent, thus, confusing Americans that Israel-America is one and a threat to Israel = Threat to America’s National security, which is NOT the case…..if you’ve done some amount of research.)

Thanks in advance.

Yes. I wouldn’t have given him a reception at all. I would just ignore him and stop giving his nation any support until he starts to play ball. Unfortunately, Obama is kissing his ask like very other American president for the last 50 years.

Obama is responsible for the stall of the peace talks. Obama came in and demanded Israel to stop building settlements while they were holding talks – all these years the Palestinians were talking while the Israeli built settlements, but since Obama demanded it they fell inline and demanded it too. THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION STOPPED THE PEACE TALKS – NOT ISRAEL.

Do you know how East Jerusalem became the &quot:Arab sector&quot:? Jews were the majority up to the 1948 war of liberation in which the city of Jerusalem ended up being divided. The majority Jewish population in the East part of Jerusalem were forced out by the Jordanian Army.

For 19 years Arabs controlled East Jerusalem – then in 1967 the Israeli army captured East Jerusalem along with the West Bank, Gaza Strip &amp: Siani Peninsula.

The 19 years Arab control vs 6,000 years of Jewish control.

The Palestinians were given a great wonderful offer when Clinton was President. They offered them every single thing and included land swaps to compensate for Settlements kept by Israel – The ONLY thing that stopped the signing of this peace treaty and the founding of the Palestinian state – the ONE THING – What was it – RIGHT OF RETURN.

See Arafat could not give up on his plan to destroy Israel – he got all he wanted except Right of Return. Right of Return allowed Palestinians to go back to their historical homes previous to 1948 – this meant citizenship for large amounts of people who hate Jews. It also meant a total upheaval of land ownership.

Palestinians do not have their State is because they won’t give up on their desire to destroy Israel.

I agree with Netanyahu – Jerusalem is NOT a settlement – Everyone knows the Israelis will NOT agree to any peace agreement 2 state solution if the WHOLE of Jerusalem is not in Israel.

Giggles the clown (Mr. Obama) has confirmed early in his administration his objective to assuage the Muslim international and placed as much as their demands. U.S.-Israeli family won’t basically visit pot below Giggles administration they’ll replace into down concepts-blowing opposed as Mr. Obama could have an inclination in charge Israel and the Bush administration by way of fact the source of the turmoil interior the middle East.

No Netanyahu do not deserve the cold reception he is low life mafia
he should be shot dead like Mr al-Mabhouh in usa
Holocaust was never happen on earth before but now is happening in Palestine
every body know that

Netanyahu got the blood in his hand world know it
he should be threat like pice of ssshit
1 day american people will wake up and
there will be another Adolf Hitler will born in USA
anyway there is no Jerusalem Name is (al-Quds)

He deserved much, much worse. It is time to tell it like it is, with out the 3-4 billion a years that the U.S. gives annually, Israel would dry up and blow away. And for this they get to tell us to shut the ‘ell up. UNTHINKABLE

Obama should have refuse to meet with him

The US should have refused him a visa to come to the USA

No he didn’t deserve it and i’m very ashamed of obama for the way he acts. But, this was predicted in the Bible that this would happen – Isreal will have no allies in the last days. It’s only going to get worse from now on….and especially worse for the U.S., thanks to our narcissist president!

Obama has no business telling Israel what to do! Obama is such a phony, he loves the Palestinian radicals- and hates us in America- just wait and see! He HATES Isreal and Jews and Christiansas much as Rev Wright does!

Could you imagine Netanyahu telling Obama to give Texas to Mexico- GET REAL! Obama has such a HUGE HEAD- and he is FULL OF SHYT!

the guys is a murderer, he doing to the Palestinian what hilter did to the jews. systemically killing them off.

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