Words/Phrases that you hate?

Words/Phrases that you hate?

Ex. Can I ask you a question? MF you just did! lol

you know what I’m sayin’ NO I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE &quot:SAYIN&quot:

that’s gay

he was like and I was like and then he was looking at me like

fantabulous when they join two adjectives and make it one AWESOME word

thank you, writing this was actually like therapy for me because I really hate this phrases/words

If I hear &quot:At the end of the day&quot: one more time, I’ll scream! I hear it all the time and it’s really getting on my nerves. Another is when people say &quot:Yeah, no&quot: when they answer a question. Here are some more: &quot:you rock&quot:, &quot:Let’s do this &quot: &quot:It i s what it is&quot: &quot:think outside the box&quot: &quot:own it&quot: &quot:diss&quot:

****** is the top hated word for me. That is so rude and disrespectful to homosexual community. Racist slurs are a not in my vocabulary, harmful or not.

For phrases, it is double negative ones. They are annoying as I do not know what.
Ex. I ain’t got no money.
You don’t know nothing.

&quot:i’d desire to care much less.&quot: in case you’re saying &quot:i’d desire to care much less&quot: all you’re asserting is which you do no longer care the minimum quantity a possibility, that’s what you’re attempting to declare is the case! it would desire to be the main extreme factor interior the international to you and you are able to desire to care much less approximately it. In connection with homosexuality, &quot:it incredibly is unnatural.&quot: wherein case, what the hell is it? Unnatural ability guy made or contrived, which of those is being gay? &quot:Yiff in hell&quot: and/or &quot:furfag.&quot: with the aid of fact I hear it so usually. it incredibly is no longer even a solid insult.

&quot:That’s what she said!&quot:

It was funny the first couple of times and if it’s used at the right timing, but after a while it gets annoying.

Person A: &quot:I’m thristy&quot:
Person B: &quot:That’s what she said!&quot:

Person A: &quot:Do you want to watch a movie?&quot:
Person B: &quot:That’s what she said!&quot:

……Do you know what I mean now?

I can’t STAND when people use the subject pronouns after a preposition: Between he and I. OMG! It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard!!!!

Misuse of I, me, and myself.
For example when people say
Me and Jenny went…
They did it for Jenny and I.
When people say myself when they really mean me or I.

when someone u knw asks u…..&quot:oh u work her&quot:…while ur serving them at a restaurant or somewhere else and one more thing…when people say….&quot:I dont care, or whatever&quot:…it shows that they are so rude

when people say Idont care ! or a woman refers to another woman with SWEETHEART OR HONEY that sounds sooo fake like they actually mean U STUPID ***** I WOULD SLAP U 2 DEATH!lol.

Epic Fail
I want to kill any one who says that

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