Will Obama try to declare martial law and suspend the constitution?


He’s got a lot of FDR in him, it seems. I could see him nationalizing stuff left and right, putting people in internment camps and forced labor camps, and controlling the media, just like FDR did.

FDR never quite had the guts to just suspend the constitution and not have elections anymore, though he is said to have thought about it several times. In the end, Divine Providence interceded and FDR passed away, restoring democracy to the US.

If Obama can get that far, I expect he will find a way to hold onto power.

Will there be an election in 2012?

Several people (including Biden and Collin Powell) are promising and guaranteeing that some huge international crisis will happen within 6 months of him being elected. They are also saying that he will have to do some &quot:unpopular&quot: things to deal with this crisis. I wouldn’t be surprised if what you are suggesting happens.

No Obama will not declare martial law and get rid of the constitution. We the people, would not let such a thing happen. If people come together for the million man march, don’t you think we all could put aside our differences long enough to come together to stand up for our country. I’m not one of those people who believe everything they are told and see. I have read all policies of all candidates which can be done right here on the internet and then you have a better understanding of what is going on. There is a form you can fill out using last years tax forms and see how much more you will get back , from one candidates stand against the others one stand. Come on everyone needs to know as much as they can before jumping to conclusions about one or the other. None of them are honest, or they would not be where their at now and that is a fact!

No. Someone already asked this paranoid question and FDR put a term limit on the Presidency so I don’t think he was trying to give himself that much more power.

in the beginning, congratulations on being the 1st individual terrified of martial regulation coming who additionally is familiar with a thank you to spell martial regulation. i’m actual variety of happy with you. i replaced into commencing to ask your self why Republicans have been continuously so against coaching-investment, while maximum won’t have the ability to even spell out their fears suitable. yet as on your question, that could desire to be a no. not even Bush replaced into stupid sufficient to do this one: and Obama is critically extra sensible than Bush. not that Bush is a foul guy, he isn’t. i could relatively prefer to ask him over to my 4th of July social gathering and have a warm canines and beer with him. I merely didn’t wish him in can charge of the rustic, or maybe the fireworks on the 4th of July social gathering.

You’re such an idiot. He’s never said that although Bush has said he would suspend elections if there were a security threat. Are you just as angry about that? Or are you just a stupid Nazi?(rhetorical question alert!)

No But Bush Just might… let’s see how the week plays out. Everyone should at least be somewhat prepared for a terror attack, or some other BS excuse…

um, didn’t FDR get elected 4 times? i think you need a weaker reference point for these type questions. try nixon, everyone’s historical fave prez punching bag.
now, if you had asked that about bloomberg then i’d agree. he’s already shown he has no respect for the consitution.
all the rhetoric against obama is just that, rhetoric.

Lets speculate both ways then… We could talk about if McCain gets in lets chat about how wonderful it will be to be further in debt and likely at war with 3 more countries.

Stop trying to get your guy in office through fear tactics, they are tired and no longer work.

Internment camps? What, like Guantanamo Bay?

what a load of rubbish. if the republicans stay in power you just may get a chance to see martial law in this country. you will get to see at the same time that you mean nothing to the power elite that you support.

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