Why does George W. dislike his father, George Bush, so much?

To an almost Freudian level, George W. loathed his father so much he appointed two sworn enemies of the George Bush presidency to powerful positions, Rumsfield, and, Cheney.

George Bush rejected Rumsfield’s request to work for his administration at every turn.

George Bush has never called his father on advice or to seek council, and, George W’s comments on his father’s Presidency, negative comments, are well documented lure in Washington.

Is George mad at his daddy? Bad George W.

George HW Bush’s Defense Secretary was Dick Cheney . Many members of George W Bush’s cabinet came from his father’s administration…Wolfowitz, Powell, Armitage, Rice…

The only difference is that the Hawks got the upper hand in W’s administration while they were curbed in HW’s.

George respects his father. Did you know that when you are younger, most kids hate pretty much their whole family, until they are grown enough to understand what their parents did, and why they did it? Its called adolescence. George Bush is a normal, ordinary human-being, not a God.
Pardon, but Rumsfeld, and Cheney are good friends of Bush Sr. Not his enemies. They were all part of the Reagan Cabinet, and know each other well. That is not to say they didn’t have disagreements and argue, which is also very normal to do, even when you love someone.

If this is true then the answer is simple. He is as big an idiot as he portrays himself in the media. I have seen Jeb interact with his dad and you can see the love and caring between them. You don’t see that with George W. it just confirms to me something is wrong with this man. He can’t speak, he is always telling the press how powerful he is, he is ignorant, he refuses any sound advice. That stepford wife of his looks as plastic as can be. Look at his life, he is an ex coke head, ex alcoholic yet we gave Clinton a ration of s***t over &quot:not inhaling&quot: on a joint? When is this country going to wake up? He is a JOKE!! No other country has respect for USA anymore, and this is since he has been President. In closing, George W not liking his dad is just one more idiotic choice this stupid idiot has made.

GW is a spoiled brat. The &quot:decider&quot: who never takes advice from anyone not even an experienced one as Poppy. When Poppy calls him on it all Dubya does is throw a hissy fit and does what he wants anyway. He’s kind of like his mother in that sense.

I don’t know where you get your information on the Bush family, are you a member of the family, a cousin or something, or maybe a butler, or a gardener in their employ?

Daddy probably chided junior when he screwed up the oil business and the baseball team. Shrub seems like someone who would pout when he doesn’t get his way. Probably spent a lot of his childhood with his lower lip out.

it probably just has to do with trying to get out of his father’s shadow. Daddy was a genuine war hero, son was a national guard wannabee. dad was a reasonable president with some sanity, son is not. i think he is jealous.

Besides you &quot:observations&quot: what proof do you have? Can you read GW’s mind?

Because they each know an ****** when they see one!

No. Where do you dig up this garbage ?

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