Why do so many South Africans come to live in Australia?

I’m just curious why they choose Australia specifically. In my city, Perth, we have the largest South African community of any in the world outside of South Africa.

Like to hear from some South Africans 🙂

I’m not South African, and this is a guess.

Firstly, something I found on the web:

For many South Africans, life abroad is a tantalizing prospect. More and more skilled South Africans are looking to work overseas, with many hoping for a life in the USA, the UK, and Canada. Another popular destination is Australia, and with the nation pushing for more skilled migration than ever before, now has never been a better time to make the move Down Under.

A recent survey by Synovate, a global market research company, found that 20 percent of South Africans were planning to move to another country or were seriously considering it. The idea of immigrating overseas was most popular with young people aged 18 to 44 years of age. For these individuals, Australia can provide a very attractive destination.

&quot:There are plenty of young, ambitious and highly skilled people who are afraid of starting a career as well as a family in South Africa,&quot: said Candace Inskip, a workpermit.com Consultant and native born South African.

&quot:Many of them look to countries such as Australia, the UK and Canada, which they know they can live and work without feeling uneasy about the country’s economic stability,&quot: she added.

Indeed, many South Africans have already made the move to Australia. According to Australian immigration statistics, South Africa was sixth place for country of origin during 2006-07, with almost 4,000 South Africans immigrating to Australia during this period.

The country has a skilled migration program for people under 45 years of age which allows overseas workers to obtain permanent residence visas if their specialization is on a list of occupations that Australia is interested in.

The scheme, called the General Skilled Migration program, has been incredibly successful. The program utilizes a points based system that scores applicants based upon various factors such as age, qualifications, and experience in their occupation.

Australia is looking for a wide range of skills to fill gaps in their labor market — everything from IT workers to engineers and accountants, as well as a wide range of trade occupations such as plumbers, bricklayers and hairdressers.

In addition, Australia recently increased the number of places allocated for skilled migrants by 31,000 for the 2008-09 year for a total of 133,500 places. This constitutes a thirty percent increase over the previous year.

Every three minutes someone successfully immigrates to Australia.

(end article)

Secondly, people tend to form cultural communities. In Brisbane for example, many Africans live in Stones Corner, and many Asians live at Sunnybank. They band together. In a foreign country, it is not difficult to understand why you would want to have something familiar around you. It’s kind of like the snowball effect.

Also, South Africa is considered similar, climate-wise, to Australia. This may also seem to be an attractive lure. Some people from the Northern Hemisphere actually find it difficult to distinguish Australian and South African accents.

We also have shared British sovereignty, as both countries &quot:white&quot: roots are based on colonisation. A hundred years ago Australians were estimated at around five per cent of the population of white Johannesburg. These two dominions of the British Commonwealth were once hailed as ‘Sisters of the South’. Links diminished during the apartheid years. But since majority rule in South Africa in 1994 (when it was re-admitted as part of the Commonwealth – it had relinquished its dominion status and declared itself a republic in ’61) contact of all kinds has increased. Australia has become a major destination for South African emigration.

I hope this has somewhat helped 🙂

Well I am not a South African and I wouldn’t dare answer this question in a general sense because no doubt a South African will read it and say &quot:wrong wrong wrong&quot:

Although, I know quite a few south Africans through family, friends. Some moved over to Australia because of the crime problem. They were in their house when two men came in with guns, tied them up, took their belongings. For them that was the last straw.

I am sure this is not the reason for all South Africans, just these particular people.

Number one reason will be the &quot:ease&quot: of getting an Australian visa on a South African passport. 2. Relative easy to adapt to a country like Australia than let’s say Sweden for instance (where I am right now). Aussies/saffies speak english, are used to the same type of climate, and of course there’s the outback. Which reminds many of the rugged parts of Africa. Saffies don’t feel completely foreign there. You have the nature and the modern cities, just like SA. 3. Did I mention English speaking country? Most people who are coming to Australia are highly-skilled. (My aunt is a surgeon, cousins are lecturers) We could sure use these people in SA, but they left for various reasons. Anyways, when people are choosing which country they want to &quot:escape&quot: to, Australia is the easiest/safest option. They don’t need to learn another language to get a visa, They can just start working in their fields and earn a decent living without the worry of crime etc.

Not a South African, but I know the white S Africans mostly fled the country after apartheid ended. With good reason–after brutally oppressing 90% of the country for centuries would you want to be around to get your comeuppance? I know some moved to the US. I used to live next door to one. I’m guessing they move to Austrailia because Australia is awesome. If I had an open choice of countries I’d pick Australia first. I never met an Aussie I didn’t like.

I think it’s because y’all were founded by criminals–Aussies have balls as far as fighting for freedom. Plus just about every fricking wild animal in your country is deadly–that weeds out a lot of stupidity. And yer all a bunch of happy drunks. It’s a perfect place for me–cheerful drunk criminal minds who all have common sense.

My Maths teacher is South African he said he dosent like the government allowing Black people back into the citys

Don’t really know but we get a lot that have come to nz as well. Strangely enough non of them believe in apartheid but they didn’t leave SA till after it was done away with

They’re the ones who where afraid to stay after majority rule was achieved in Sth Africa

Cos they are scared of blacks.

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