Why do Republicans want my hard earned tax dollars to pay for the welfare of dumb mortgage brokers?

Haven’t you realized by now?
Republicans are only against socialism that helps poor people.
Socialism for poor people is the onl kind of socialism that makes people irresponsible.
Socialism for the rich makes them work harder to rip off more of your tax dollars.

Republicans are all about privatizing profit and socializing loss. It shows in the way in which a corporation is set up. CEOs and upper staff make millions a year, while the lower levels can’t even get a few pennies for a raise. When the company ets hit hard by economic losses, who are the first to lose? You think the CEO takes a pay cut so the laborers still get their bonuses? You think when the laborers do without their bonus the CEO is doing without his??

this right now is the Republican paradise.
They get to spend these companies into financial ruin, investing in their own comapnies bribing government officials, embezzling, and running them into the ground by allowing oil tyrants to tax the crap out of Americans, then let the government just poor tax dollars on them and act like they didn’t make any bd decisions.
yes there might be a couple CEOS that lose their retirements, but hey someone has to make a sacrifice so the tax payer will feel like they had some small measure of justice don’t they?

You know what socialism for the rich is don’t ya?
What the real term is for it?
It is called fascism. Right-wing, pro-corporate, elitist politics will march a nation there everytime.

The real people in power have a nice little tax funne set up, called the American government.
When the time is right, they bail on their holdings let the tax payer fear the worst, bail these companies out whose stocks just dropped to a buck, then they buy the stocks back pennies on the dolalr and hold them until they hit high again, doing it all over.

Haven’t you noticed everytime Republicans have a reason to spend us into tremendous debt while making huge profits for the energy sector, weapon manufacturers, or central bankers?

last time it was a cold war. Did we really need to build all these nukes just to pay to dismantle them and replace them with newer updated models that we’ll soon be paying to dismantle again?

meanwhile just cry about how you are are paying too much taxes, so the sheep flock to your call and defend you because they can feel your pain, even though they are middle class sheep, who are not benefittting from supporting your agenda.

Then they have the nerve to ask &quot: why should the rich pay more taxes?&quot:
Maybe it is because the middle class and poor don’t get multibillion dollar bail-outs every couple decades to keep from losing their 300 room mansions and 20 car garages.

These companies should have been broken up long before now. So should many many companies we see lax enforcement of anti-trust laws allowing them to get away with murder.

If Obama is going to take a much larger share of your hard earned dollars, why are you complaining about republicans?

Are you actually dumb enough to think that McCain will raise taxes and Obama will lower them? When has that ever happened?

Reagan, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. lowered taxes for all Americans
Clinton and Carter raised taxes for all Americans
Carter lowered the marginal rates for Corporations

Obama is PROMISING to raise taxes to Clinton levels.
Obama is PROMISING to eliminate the Bush reductions.

Get some education, dude.

Because those dumb mortgage broker were acting on an Administration directive to increase home ownership where it hasn’t been, for low income and minorties.

We do not want them to go under and we do not want to undermine the effort to allow the poor to own their future instead of being dependents on the state generation after generation.

It was the conservative Republicans who wanted to put regulations on Freddie and Fannie back in 2003 and 2005.

I think you have it a little confused.

YOUR hard earned tax dollars? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
And how big was your tax return last year? Democrats……they are a funny bunch! Stop listening to those voices in your head dude!

They are protecting the mortgage industry from further damage.

Decline in housing prices and lack of capital to allow people to buy and sell homes hurts the average american.

The Republicans in favor of the bailouts are NOT conservatives… they are liberal Republicans who really are not following the party line.

Its either bail them out, or watch the walls come crumbling down. If you’ve ever seen pictures of the great depression, you would understand why they are doing it. They don’t wanna bail them out, they have no choice.

Because if we didn’t, you libs would be whining about all of the stupid people who purchased homes that they couldn’t afford and the fact that we’re throwing them into the streets to fend for themselves. Which by the way, I’m all for.

&quot:It’ll save jobs&quot: is their new mantra. Oh, and they’ll say you want people to lose their jobs simply for holding cons to their own standards. Amazing. Makes me dizzy. Case in point………..

look at the facts. It would cost more to have them fail.

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