Why did God create so many selfish brains on the Earth since long before Biblical times?

This I wish I had an answer to. For over 2,011 years, maybe even longer then that, I truly believe that human beings on this Earth have been selfish. This World unfortunately, is filled to the brim with sinful people. There has been crooks, thieves, robbers, pirates, nazis, murderers, men and women that do drugs in ghettos, criminals, terrorists, outlaws, people that don’t think of others, extremists, dishonest people, people who don’t follow the ten commandments of the Holy Bible, unsuccessful people, evil people that end up with Satan, Wars with other countries, snipers, bullies, attackers, abusers, people killing other people, people without hearts, Satanists, skulls and crossbones, intoxicated people, law breakers, mean and nasty people, dangerous people, cavemen that threw rocks at each other, fighting over land and religion, people that speak 2 different languages in the Middle East, arguments, angry people, unsuspected terrorists, road racers that don’t follow the speed limit, Mexican pirates, gang violence, people who get shot on the news, assassins, communists, rapers, brutal vikings, European renaissance, medieval knights and armors, Vietnamese and Chinese that fight, Koreans and Japanese in War, Genghis Khan and Mongol Warriors, Pontius Pilate that killed Jesus Christ on the Cross, Adam that ate the apple, Enemies, movies like Star Wars and games like Star Fox that destroy Enemies and battle in Outer Space, The Virginia Tech and Columbine incident, Tuesday September 11th, 2001, Pearl Harbor, The Holocaust, movies like iRobot where enemies destroy the Earth, The 2012 theory, hacking computers, pornography, the meteorite that killed all of the Dinosaurs 1 million years ago and so many more even World War I. Why did God create so many selfish brains on the Earth since long before Biblical Times?

I’m sorry buddy, but I have to break it down to you the hard way. God created all of this evil. He created angels, and somehow they turned into demons. That means that the angels had evil in them. That means God had evil in him. He cursed us humans because demons tricked us and he didn’t make us smart enough to know. That’s just like having a retarded son, having your normal one bully him, and then punish the retard. That is sick. And plus, because the father (which is also the mother) has the power to create anything he wants, why would he create the mean, bully son and a retarded, unknowing son? Why would he wait 2,000 frickin’ years and still not change anything in the world? Because, either he is extremely evil or just plain unreal. In the 1900s they also said the end was coming soon, just like these religious maniacs saying 2012 is when everyone will die. But it won’t. It never will. Evolution is a proven thing, they’re teaching it in schools, so I still don’t get why people oppose it. We’re animals. Here’s the whole crazy story, but hey, at least it’s better than being made from a golem and a rib woman!

Long ago, there was a Big Bang. Some say, who the crap made the Big Bang? I say, who the crap made Jehovah? Who made Allah? They say &quot:Um…himself?&quot: So, here’s just another more likely way.

The Big Bang was an extremely dense ball that exploded at the start of time (yes, this sentence seems pretty unbelievable) that then made the entire universe. An old star exploded into a supernova. The original star’s center became the Earth’s core, and had enough gravity to gather forms of mass onto the Earth. Also, enough mass gathered to make the Sun and the other planets. The Earth changed over the years and gathered bacteria from meteorites and comets that slammed into it. Water settled, and the bacteria multiplied and produced waste products in the form of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Some bacteria started banding together for defensive and hunting purposes. They formed the first sponges and jellyfish and what-not, and grew more complicated. Giant shrimps (the arthropods were the main and only predators these days) and armor fish roamed the seas. One day, water scorpions (hey, I watched real science movies about this, I am not making it up!) came above the land to hunt the armored fish in their breeding grounds. The fish had to jump up a small barrier of land above the water to jump into their breeding lakes. The scorpions grew smaller over time because of insufficient oxygen levels, and then the fish became amphibians and plants went onto the shore and more of the land. The positions were reversed and the amphibians ate the tiny scorpions now. The scorpions grew into dragonflies, ants, and other stuff, while the amphibians became reptiles even more ancient then the dinosaurs. These reptiles became pterosaurs, sea stuffs (mosasaurs, plesiosaurs) and our favorite, dinosaurs! Also in the sea fish were getting better and becoming giant megalodon sharks and liked to eat ammonite and stuffs. The first birds and mammals were appearing too.

Some giant catastrophe happened and everyone died except for the small midgets, and then big, flightless birds ruled for a time, eating mammals, but the mammals’ warm-blood nature allowed them to adapt eventually towards what we are today. The humans were made by NOT monkeys, but something that looked like a tiny cute monkey that later became primates, including humans. The humans grew better brains and used tools. Once they found irrigation and other agricultural help, they had more free time and began making things and ideas. They got curious about how they were made and said they were made by gods and their will. Humanity created gods, not the other way around.

So there is it, my first Yahoo! Answers answer. Hope you liked it and are changed by it.

Because he didn’t. He merely created the human being with the potential for free thought and free choice. he did not manipulate or create our personalities as then we would have no independence or free choice. Therefore on Earth we are given the choice to behave and develop how we want. If we were not then there would be no point to heaven or hell as it would not be because of our own actions but how God made us that we ended up there. heaven and hell are a reward or punishment for our behaviour-and even at the end we are given free choice to repent. So God did not create selfish people as their personalities and actions are not of his doing.

Penicillin probably has the same type of self inquiry as it crowds itself in some scientific lab dish cultivating a life saving serum for a some being (that is probably like a god to it) out there somewhere. We may appear to us to be a real chaotic mess but to some being that we are being cultivated for we are probably a beautiful cure. Or perhaps a nice meal?

‘long before Biblical times’….. When was that?

Gen 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Joh 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

God just created human beings, who have availed themselves to being selfish. Love is the lack of selfishness. Too many people love themselves for what ever reason, and hate others too much. Greed is the root of all evil, hate, and bad things. Not God.

Why do you still think god exists? No gods or devils exist anywhere outside of ones properly inculcated mind! A fact not a pretend belief like god is! All you idiots that believe are just carrying around false beliefs, try something else for a change this god concept is getting too wearisome and it ain’t working!

But according to Calvinism, which is evidently supported by the Bible, you have no right to accuse HUMANS of sin or evil men, but GOD because he controls what’s going to happen in the future.

God didnt create these people like that. They became that way after adam and eve sinned

first of all I believe, that no one

will never know the secrets and mysteries of the almighty or the Wisdom of God, Jehovah, the Father,Son and the Holy spirits, there are some things that are meant to be a mystery for the good of all unless you are a child of light, and until you, figure that out you will Never know.REMEMBER GOD , THE HOLYSPIRIT CREATED EVERY LIVING CREATURE, They can choose to do good or evil we do have free will you know, after all the Brain was created before Man became a living soul

He didn’t.

God didn’t screw the mothers of these people.

The parents of these people created them-not God.

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